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Hiring a private jet – all you need to know

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Private jet

Why hire a private jet?

Fast, flexible, comfortable. All this sets apart a flight in a private jet; and hiring a private plane is not as expensive as many people think. That's why there are so many good reasons not to take a scheduled flight for your next holiday or business trip. Here is everything you need to know about chartering a private jet.

Charter options

Depending on the purpose of the trip and your priorities, you can choose from a variety of charter options. We would like to briefly present the most important ones of them.

Business charters

Businessmen on a private jet

With business charters, the advantages are flexibility and the ability to plan individually. In order not to be dependent on the rigid flight schedules of the scheduled airlines, business people in particular opt for this type of charter. For your journey in a small or medium jet or a turboprop, you can determine your flight time and route and can also change both of these spontaneously – ideal if you want to fly in for an important meeting or some other business appointment. On board a private jet, you will find peace and comfort without excessive luxury driving up costs. You can work undisturbed or relax for a while before you return to the demands of everyday life.

However, a business charter is not only attractive for business travellers but also for holidaymakers. Annoying queues, time-consuming connections or irritating fellow travellers are a thing of the past when you are flying towards your destination in a private jet. This way, your holiday begins before you even arrive.

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VIP charters

Man aboard a VIP jet

A VIP charter offers you a flight with a difference. A generous amount of space, outstanding on-board service and, of course, exquisite catering, will ensure that you have a trip that leaves nothing to be desired. Heavy jets are often used for VIP charters, because their range and cruising speed mean that even intercontinental flights can be made without refuelling. For extra space, you can also charter an airliner in the VIP configuration.

The cabin can be configured entirely according to your requirements. A separate meeting room? A comfortable bedroom above the clouds? A spacious bathroom? Or rather a welcoming lounge? In a VIP private jet, all of this can be arranged. Other special requirements can also be met if agreed in advance of the flight. Of course, you can rely on the discretion of all the parties involved and can travel incognito if you wish.

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Group charters

Hiring a private jet can be extremely advantageous for larger groups of people. Journeys to company outings, events, visits or work assignments abroad can thus be individually designed. Compared to ticket quotas on a scheduled flight, private flights are often worthwhile from a purely economic point of view, and can also be planned much more flexibly.

In most cases, a heavy jet or airliner with classic seating is used. The decision is made based on the group size and your other group charter requirements. Treat your passengers to a very special travel experience and, if desired, publicise your company with individual corporate branding of the aircraft.

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All about private jets

From numerous conversations with our passengers , we know that many questions may arise before your flight in a private plane. Here, we provide answers to the most frequent questions

How much does it cost to hire a private jet?

Business charters, group charters and VIP charters – given the wide range of possible private flights, it is not surprising that universally applicable cost calculations cannot be made. As soon as we know your exact requirements, we will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation. Among other things, we take the following elements into account:

  • Flight route
  • Desired/required aircraft
  • Urgency of the request
  • Any special services requested

The number of passengers also influences the price, above all in relation to the type of aircraft required. If you have a spare seat available in your rented private jet, there will only be minimal additional costs if another passenger joins you (e.g. For additional catering). However, if you require a larger aircraft because of the additional passenger, the extra costs will be correspondingly higher.

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What is the range of a private jet?

Range of a private jet

The private jet market ranges from very light jets, which are particularly suitable for short-haul flights, to heavy jets and airliners, which can also handle intercontinental flights without refuelling. In general, the need for fuel stops must always be considered when it comes to private jets and their ranges. A non-stop flight in a heavy jet is of course faster and more comfortable, but even smaller private aircraft can cope with long distances if you make one or more refuelling stops on the way. This option may be more economical and should be considered when planning your trip. For your guidance, we list the non-stop ranges of some popular private jets below:

  • Cessna Citation 525A CJ2+ (Light Jet): 2,950 km
  • Embraer Legacy 500 (Midsize Jet): 5,600 km
  • Bombardier Challenger 650 (Heavy Jet): 7,400 km

Please note that these figures are theoretical ranges. The actual range may vary slightly. The factors that influence this are, for example, the weather and the weight of the aircraft, including the passengers and their luggage.

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What is the fuel consumption of a private jet?

The fuel consumption of a private jet has decreased considerably in the last 30 years. On average, modern private aircraft use only half as much fuel as 30-year-old models. With a full load, the fuel consumption per head is comparable to that of an airliner. Since more fuel is needed for the take-off and landing phases than for flying at cruising altitude, the fuel requirement per kilometre decreases for longer flight routes.

What is an empty leg?

Private jet taking off

An empty flight – also called an empty leg – is a good way to save money when hiring a private jet. For most private flights, the outward and return flights are so separated in time that the private jet does not stay put at the destination. And sometimes the passenger only requires a one-way flight. In both cases, the jet has to make a positioning flight, either on the outbound or the return flight. This flight will be charged to the passenger, even though they will not travel on that flight.

If another traveller happens to want to hire a private jet for the route of the positioning flight, they can now use the empty leg. This gives the traveller a clear price advantage, as they only have to bear the costs for their actual flight. A positioning flight does not take place and thus the traveller is not charged for it.

If you wish to save money on your private flight, simply ask about empty legs. The disadvantage of this strategy is that your date of travel needs to be fairly flexible, because of course there is not an empty leg available for every route at all times. In addition, your flight is entirely dependent on another flight. If the other flight is delayed or even cancelled, the empty leg is also affected.

What is the difference between a jet and a turboprop?

Jet vs turboprop

In the world of private aviation, even though people most often talk about private jets there are in fact two main types of engine – jets with jet engines, and turboprops, which are powered by one or more propellers. Piston-powered aircraft, which are also propeller-driven, only play a minor role, as they are too small for most of our customer requests and have a short range.

For passengers, there are particular differences between jets and turboprops that have a significant impact in practice: turboprops are slower and have a shorter range than most light jets. This makes them especially attractive for short-haul flights, for which they are often cheaper than jets. In addition, a turboprop requires a shorter runway and is therefore better suited for very small airports. However, even jets can land at much smaller airports than scheduled airliners. The advantage of small airports is obvious: there are many more of them than major international airports, so you have many more destinations to choose from and you can land much closer to your destination.

In the midsize or heavy jet segment, the decision between using a jet or a turboprop does not even come up. There are no comparable turboprops in this segment, so a jet is the only choice.

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Buying or renting a private jet – what makes more sense?

Instead of renting a private jet, buying your own private jet could also be an option. However, this is only worthwhile if your own jet is used frequently. Using your private aircraft for occasional flights for business appointments or holidays is just not sufficient, as the cost of buying your own jet will be in the millions. In addition, there are considerable costs for upkeep, maintenance and personnel. The decline in value is comparable to that of a new car. After only a few years, the resale value of a private jet is comparatively low.

So, if we disregard the private jet’s intangible value as a status symbol, owning one is only worthwhile for very few people for financial reasons alone. In addition, the model chosen means that you are restricted to a specific flight profile. Does the jet need to be suitable for short-haul flights and small airports? Or do you need a model that is designed for long-haul flights and so will mainly fly to major airports? While the purchase of a single private jet cannot cover all situations, hiring an aircraft means you have access to an entire fleet. This way, you can always travel in the private jet that is best suited to your current requirements.

Fly in a private jet

Businesswoman on a private jet

A flight in a private jet is an extremely pleasant and comfortable experience. But often, first-timers in particular find it difficult to picture the conditions on board a private aircraft. We would like to bring you closer to this exclusive flight experience and show you examples of what is possible on board a private jet.

Business Class, First Class or private jet?

For passengers who like to be comfortable during their flight, there are alternatives to the cramped conditions in economy class on scheduled flights. In Business Class, the seats are usually much more comfortable and the catering is also of a significantly higher standard. On some long-haul flights, certain airlines also offer First Class. Here, passengers have much more privacy and their seat can be converted into a bed. The food is served à la carte and is of an even higher standard than in Business Class.

So, it is certainly possible to travel comfortably in a scheduled airliner. But passengers remain bound by the inflexible schedules and procedures of a scheduled flight. The greatest luxury offered by any private jet is therefore freedom and flexibility in planning your trip. And the level of comfort in a private aircraft is certainly not inferior to Business Class or First Class. All the amenities that are available there are also possible in a private jet.

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How much luggage can I take with me?

When a private jet is fully loaded, each passenger can usually take a normal sized piece of luggage as well as hand luggage. If fewer passengers are travelling, there is of course more luggage space for each of them. Even bulky luggage, such as golf equipment or skis, can also be carried in most private jets.

Some private aircraft have luggage compartments that are not accessible to passengers during the flight, similar to a regular aircraft . These luggage compartments are not pressurised or heated during the flight, so items sensitive to cold or pressure should not be transported in there. There is usually space for such items in the passenger cabin. Other private jets have a luggage room on board, which remains accessible during the flight. This is, of course, extremely convenient, as passengers can access their luggage at any time.

Do private jets have a toilet?

Bathroom of a private jet

Almost all private jets are equipped with a toilet; only the smallest models have no washroom facilities. However, since these small aircraft are only used for very short flights anyway, there is hardly any need for such facilities on board. Most light jets have a basic toilet, while passengers in larger private jets will have access to well-equipped washrooms, or even luxurious bathrooms.

Do private jets have beds?

The sleeping arrangements in a private jet depend mainly on the size of the aircraft. Larger aircraft models, which are also suitable for intercontinental flights, usually have couches and seats that can be adjusted to a fully reclining position. A fully equipped bedroom with a real bed is also available in some VIP private aircraft. Smaller aircraft usually have adjustable seats. However, these aircraft are used primarily on short routes, where passengers’ need for sleep is not so great.

Can I fly with a baby?

Naturally, babies and toddlers are also welcome on board private jets. We recommend a baby seat, car seat or booster seat for our youngest passengers during their journey, depending on their needs. Of course, we can also obtain a suitable seat for them. During the flight, your offspring will be able to move around freely, which is impossible in most scheduled aircraft. Little ones can explore the plane to their heart's content, eat their favourite foods and, of course, rest whenever they get tired. On request, we can organise toys for them, or a selection of age-appropriate music and films.

Can I bring pets on board a private plane?

Dog looking out of a plane window

Dogs, cats and other small pets are allowed to fly in the cabin of a private jet. Just let us know in advance of your flight that you would like to take a pet with you. In a private jet, your four-legged friend can travel safely and peacefully by your side and does not have to be confined to a crate in the cargo hold, as is the case on scheduled flights. We are happy to provide food and water so that your pet wants for nothing during the flight. Of course, we will also keep track of the current import regulations for pets in your destination country and will take over the communication with the responsible authorities at the destination airport for you.

There may only be a problem with bringing your pet with you if the private jet is fully occupied – at least if it is a larger animal. For example, you need to plan for a fully-grown German Shepherd dog to have its own seat.

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Is smoking allowed on a private jet?

In contrast to regular scheduled aircraft, where smoking is strictly prohibited on board, you may smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes in many private jets. Just let us know in advance and we will provide you with a private jet suitable for smokers. It is also possible to book a private jet in which smoking is expressly prohibited. In this way, all travellers – whether they are smokers or non-smokers – can charter a private jet in which they feel completely comfortable.

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What distinguishes a good private jet broker?

Usually, private jets are hired through a private jet broker. Such brokers have access to a network of different sizes and types of aircraft and can therefore provide you with an aircraft that is tailored to your individual requirements. In addition, the broker will take care of all the organisational formalities so that you do not have to worry about them yourself.

Every private flight should be flexible and comfortable. A good private jet broker is therefore characterised above all by its extensive network, its availability to assist customers at all times and its competent advice regarding all questions. In addition, an excellent broker does not make annoying cold calls and does not force you into accepting inflexible flying-hour quotas.

Your advantages with Deutsche-Privatjet

Interior of a private jet

As an experienced, internationally operating private jet broker, we are able to provide you with the most suitable private aircraft for every requirement and every flight route – in a very short time. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day and our team speaks thirteen languages fluently. This allows us to clarify all the organisational details for almost every destination with the local authorities in their local language. We will also go out of our way to find individual solutions for unusual requests and flight routes.

With Deutsche-Privatjet you don't have to worry about any hidden costs. Our quotes are transparent and provide you with reliable information about the flight price. If you would like to book a quota of flying hours, we can do this with our Deutsche-Privatjet Card – without any minimum purchase or expiry date. We hope you will be convinced by our excellent service and our reliable handling of every private flight!

Hire a private jet in three steps

It is easy to hire a private plane from us. Reach your goal in just three easy steps:

  • Consultation: Let us know your flight requirements during a free consultation. We will explain your options and will prepare a non-binding quotation following our conversation.
  • Organisation: Once you accept our quotation you can sit back and relax. We take care of as much of the organisational effort as possible and keep you up to date on all developments. Once the organisation is complete, we will send you your flight plan.
  • Flight: On the day of the flight, we will take care of your journey to the airport, if desired. There, you will check in at the General Aviation Terminal shortly before departure and we will then take you to your waiting private jet. This can take off as soon as you are on board and will carry you quickly and safely to your destination. If you wish, a limousine will be waiting for you there or we will book a rental car for you to continue your journey.

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