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Airports in Greece

LGAG, AGQAgrinion AirportAgrinion3010 m
LGAXAlexandria AirportAlexandria1815 m
LGMK, JMKMykonos AirportMykonos1903 m
LGAL, AXDAlexandroupoli AirportAlexandroupolis2582 m
LGAV, ATHEleftherios Venizelos International AirportAthens4000 m
LGBL, VOLNea Aghialos National AirportVolos2759 m
LGHI, JKHChios Island National AirportChios1511 m
LGIK, JIKIkaria Island National AirportIkaria1381 m
LGIO, IOAIoannina International AirportIoannina2400 m
LGIR, HERHeraklion International AirportIraklio2714 m
LGKA, KSOKastoria National AirportKastoria2698 m
LGKC, KITKithira Island National AirportKithira1461 m
LGKF, EFLKephalonia International AirportKefalonia2436 m
LGKL, KLXKalamata AirportKalamata2703 m
LGKO, KGSKos International AirportKos2400 m
LGKP, AOKKarpathos Island National AirportKarpathos2399 m
LGKR, CFUCorfu International AirportKerkyra / Corfu2375 m
LGKS, KSJKasos Island Public AirportKasos982 m
LGKV, KVAKavala International AirportKavala3000 m
LGKZ, KZIKozani National AirportKozani1822 m
LGLE, LRSLeros Municipal AirportLeros1012 m
LGLM, LXSLemnos International AirportLemnos3016 m
LGMT, MJTMytilene International AirportMytilini2406 m
LGPL, JTYAstypalaia Island National AirportAstypalea989 m
LGPZ, PVKAktion National AirportPreveza2871 m
LGRP, RHORhodes International AirportRhodes3306 m
LGRX, GPAAraxos AirportPatras3352 m
LGSA, CHQChania International AirportChania3347 m
LGSK, JSISkiathos Island National AirportSkiathos1628 m
LGSM, SMISamos AirportSamos2044 m
LGSO, JSYSkyros Island National AirportSyros1080 m
LGSR, JTRSantorini AirportThira2125 m
LGST, JSHSitia AirportSitia2074 m
LGSY, SKUSkyros Island National AirportSkiros3002 m
LGTS, SKGThessaloniki Macedonia International AirportThessaloniki2440 m
LGTTTatoi AirportAthens1764 m
LGZA, ZTHZakynthos International AirportZakynthos2228 m
LGKY, JKLKalymnos Island National AirportPothaia1135 m
LGKJ, KZSKastellorizo Island AirportKastellorizo800 m
LGML, MLOMilos Island National AirportMilos1030 m
LGNX, JNXNaxos Island National AirportNaxos901 m
LGPA, PASParos National AirportParos1400 m

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