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Airports in Pakistan

OPBW, BHVBahawalpur AirportBahawalpur2848 m
OPCH, CJLChitral AirportChitral1750 m
OPDG, DEADera Ghazi Khan AirportDera Ghazi Khan1981 m
OPDI, DSKDera Ismael Khan AirportDera Ismail Khan1524 m
OPFA, LYPFaisalabad International AirportFaisalabad2826 m
OPGD, GWDGwadar International AirportGwadar1512 m
OPGT, GILGilgit AirportGilgit1646 m
OPKC, KHIJinnah International AirportKaratschi3400 m
OPLA, LHEAlama Iqbal International AirportLahore3360 m
OPLHWalton AirportLahore1338 m
OPMF, MFGMuzaffarabad AirportMuzaffarabad902 m
OPMJ, MJDMoenjodaro AirportMohenjodaro1985 m
OPMT, MUXMultan International AirportMultan2757 m
OPNK, NHSNushki AirportNushki870 m
OPPG, PJGPanjgur AirportPanjgur1524 m
OPPI, PSIPasni AirportPasni2743 m
OPPS, PEWPeshawar International AirportPeshawar2743 m
OPQT, UETQuetta International AirportQuetta3658 m
OPRK, RYKShaikh Zaid AirportRahim Yar Khan3000 m
OPRT, RAZRawalakot AirportRawala Kot902 m
OPSD, KDUSkardu AirportSkardu3641 m
OPSK, SKZSukkur AirportSukkur2743 m
OPSS, SDTSaidu Sharif AirportSaidu Sharif1751 m
OPSU, SULSui AirportSui1516 m
OPTH, BDNTalhar AirportBadin2733 m
OPTU, TUKTurbat International AirportTurbat1829 m
OPWN, WAFWana AirportWana912 m
OPZB, PZHZhob AirportZhob1829 m
DDUDadu West AirportDadu1598 m
OPST, SKTSialkot international AirportSialkot3600 m
OPIS, ISBIslamabad International AirportIslamabad3657 m

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