Private jets at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport

Here at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport in Venezuela, we offer a comprehensive range of services for general aviation. This allows us to offer ambulance flights quickly and efficiently as well as providing private jets for your business or leisure travels and the organization of economically optimized solutions for express deliveries using cargo aircrafts. It does not only apply to the rental of private planes but also the chartering of helicopters at Maracay.

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Class:Public Airport


05/231357 x 40 mAsphalt

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Timezone:Venezuelan Standard Time (UTC -4)
Local Time:07:13, 21.10.2019

Services at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport:

Private Jet Charter in Maracay

Even the transfer of passengers using private jets at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport in Maracay, Venezuela can be realized with just a short lead time. Not having to pass through the commonly used passenger terminal, the check-in for general aviation passengers at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport is quick and easy.

If you want to hire a Learjet in Maracay we provide our assistance at any time showcasing different options to ensure that you get the most economical solution for your enquiry at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport.

In Maracay you rent a private jet without any bureaucracy thanks to our extensive experience facilitating your charter for business or leisure purposes. Whether you charter a private jet or want to rent a Learjet we are more than happy to give you a free quote without any obligations. Benefit of a huge flexibility by chartering a Learjet or renting a different jet adjusted to your personal requirements.

air Ambulance Services at Maracay

We provide minimally invasive ambulance flights fast and efficient at any time.

Whether an intensive care air ambulance or a patient retrieval caused by a holiday accident is needed, just a few hours after the alert, an ambulance aircraft will be ready for you, your family or your employees at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport.

According to the individual needs of the patient the transport vehicles being used will be medically equipped and experienced medical staff, specialized in the patient’s clinical picture, employed.
Due to the fact that ambulance flights preferably pass the Maracay regulatory approval, ambulance jets as well as turboprop aircraft in ambulance configuration can be operated with the shortest lead times possible at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport.

In order to offer the entire one-stop ambulance services in Maracay, we cooperate with quality-controlled local partners. They execute the necessary transportation via ground ambulance in accordance to our instructions and medical requirements subject to constant quality control. Benefit from our long experience with air ambulance services in Maracay and do not hesitate to contact us.

For a free consultation without any obligations we are available 24 hours a day. Upon request we are able to realize a pick-up service from foreign countries, a transfer flight via air ambulance or paediatric transports with incubators within just a few hours.

Cargo Flights in Maracay

As well as air ambulance and passenger flights, we offer express flights for your freight at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport in Maracay, Venezuela within a few minutes. According to the cargo volume and the chosen route, we submit the most economical freight aircraft charter for your express freight. In case of loading aids, such as forklifts or trucks, being necessary for loading purposes at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport, we will provide them through our local partners. This allows us to guarantee a quick processing of your cargo shipping and a comprehensive service concerning your express transport.

Not only medium-sized companies but also well known businesses like global automotive manufacturers rely on our encompassing cargo services to prevent supply bottlenecks resulting in production shutdowns often being more expensive than getting the missing items delivered by aircraft.
Benefit from chartering a cargo jet and our huge flexibility and discretion when handling your express freight at Escuela Mariscal Sucre Airport.

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