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Air Ambulance Transport

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Why fly and not drive?

During a business trip or while on holiday, an unexpected emergency may occur, requiring safe transport of the patient to a hospital or to their home. When a patient transport is needed, the question soon arises as to which means of transport is the right choice. Usually, most people first think of a patient transport by ambulance. However, an ambulance is often not the best option.

A medical transport by road can have a negative effect on the patient's health, especially over long distances. Bad roads, roadworks and traffic jams can unnecessarily prolong the journey and, in the worst case, lead to a deterioration in the patient’s condition.

However, an ambulance is an excellent way of getting the patient to the airport or from the airport to their final destination.

To prevent unnecessary additional stress, transporting patients by air is the fastest and safest option.

Suitable means of transport for your patient transfer

Different means of transport are suitable, depending on the patient's condition and the distance to be travelled.

Ambulance aircraft

bombardier learjet 35

Transport by ambulance aircraft is the best choice for patients no matter what their state of health. The ambulance aircraft contains permanently installed medical equipment that can also be individually adapted to patients’ needs.

During the flight, an experienced medical team is on board to provide the patient with the best possible care in case of an emergency.

Even patients requiring intensive care, as well as babies and infants, can be transported by air ambulance, as the jet is equipped just like a flying intensive care unit and also has the necessary equipment for paediatric ambulance flights.

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Scheduled airliner

ambulance flight in scheduled airplane

Airliners are suitable for patients who are in a stable condition. Patients can be transported in a scheduled aircraft seated, lying down or in a specially separated section of the cabin. Even if the patient is in a stable condition, she or he can be accompanied by a doctor or paramedic during the flight. The medic carries emergency equipment in order to be able to intervene if an emergency arises during the flight.

Airlines require a lead time of 1 or 2 days in order to organise a medical transport by scheduled aircraft, which is why very urgent transports are carried out in ambulance jets.

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Due to their shorter range, helicopters are more suitable for short patient transports, such transfers from one hospital to another.

As almost every hospital has its own helipad, a helicopter can take off and land directly on site, which makes helicopters particularly useful for time-critical transports, since onward travel by ambulance is then not necessary.
For transporting patients on long distances, a scheduled aircraft or ambulance jet is more suitable.

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Mission profiles

Whether you need to fly a patient home from abroad, or the patient needs treatment at a renowned clinic abroad or needs to be transferred to a location within Germany, Deutsche-Privatjet can fulfil medical transports for a wide variety of reasons, always with the aim of carrying out the transport as safely as possible.

worldwide ambulance flights

Medical tourism

Health is our most valuable asset. That is why people want the best possible treatment from renowned doctors. However, the state health systems of many countries restrict the services they offer the public to strictly necessary treatments, otherwise they increase the cost of treatment.

For these reasons, medical tourism has increased considerably in recent years. Many countries offer better medical or financial conditions for certain treatments, which is why more and more people are having operations or medical treatment abroad.

Deutsche-Privatjet jet can organise the fast and safe transport of patients for national and international medical tourism. On request, we can also communicate with your preferred hospital, provide a shuttle service or organise a nearby hotel room for you or the people accompanying you.

Domestic medical transport

private jet

If a particular hospital in Germany is known to be a leader in certain treatment methods, many patients decide to move to such a clinic within Germany. Domestic patient transport can be organised within a very short time. Depending on the distance, an ambulance, a scheduled aircraft or an ambulance aircraft will be suitable for domestic transport, but a flight by ambulance jet is often the fastest and safest option.

Medical repatriation

If an accident happens on holiday or a sudden illness occurs, the patients often want to return to their home country as soon as possible, as the medical conditions and treatments in their home country are often significantly better.

A medical repatriation can be organised from almost any continent in the world. Depending on the distance, transport in a scheduled plane or in an ambulance aircraft is suitable for a medical repatriation. We organise medical repatriations from all over the world.

Before making a trip abroad, it is advisable to take out a travel insurance policy that includes comprehensive international health insurance, as statutory health insurance does not usually cover the cost of medical repatriation.

Additional services

In addition to providing the appropriate means of transport, we also offer other services that make your medically accompanied transport as safe and patient-friendly as possible.

Bed-to-bed service

In order to ensure that your medical transport by plane goes smoothly, we are pleased to offer you our bed-to-bed service worldwide. We will take the patient safely from the hospital to the airport by ambulance or emergency vehicle, and then, after landing, from the airport to the patient’s destination. This type of transfer can also be done by helicopter.

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Support for international patients

Our international team enables straightforward and simple communication with patients and family members in many other languages. In addition, we will gladly handle all the communication with foreign doctors and authorities. We would be happy to arrange for an interpreter to assist you and your family members with any discussions about medical matters. If a visa is required to enter Germany, we can help you apply for a special entry permit. This means that international patients can also benefit from our professional service.

VIP patient service

Excellent service, medical know-how and maximum comfort: we offer medical transport for VIP patients with the highest standards. Our complete service includes:

  • personal, 24-hour support from our experienced international staff
  • worldwide bed-to-bed patient transports through a single point of contact
  • multilingual crews
  • VIP service for accompanying persons
  • support with any questions you may have concerning your medical transport and your stay in hospital
  • assistance in entering the country in which you will be treated
  • interpreter service
  • local support in the local language.

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Fitness to fly

In rare cases, complications or a deterioration of the patient's health may occur during a flight. In order to prevent this, the patient's fitness to fly must be checked prior to flight. With the help of the medical documents from the doctor treating the patient, the flight doctor will check the patient's state of health. If the patient's condition deteriorates at short notice, the flight doctor will decide whether the patient can take the flight or not.

Cost and cost absorption

In addition to the issue of the appropriate means of transport, the question arises as to the cost of transporting the patient and whether the patient's insurance might cover these costs.

ambulance flight cost

What does an ambulance flight cost?

Each patient transport is always an individual process. Therefore, we cannot give you a general rate for your medical transport.

Various factors are included in the cost calculation. These include:

  • the distance between the point of departure and the destination
  • the health status of the patient
  • the urgency of the transport required
  • the number of accompanying persons
  • appropriate ground transport.

Based on these indicators, we will calculate the individual price for your medical transport. We would be happy to provide you with a free, non-binding quotation upon request.

Will the insurance company cover the costs?

insurance documents

Whether the insurer takes over the costs depends on whether the transporting the patient is medically reasonable or medically necessary. If adequate care cannot be provided in the country in which the patient had the accident or was taken ill, then the transport is medically necessary. In such cases, the health insurance company would most likely pay for the medical repatriation.

Medically reasonable, on the other hand, means that the necessary treatments could be provided in the patient’s place of stay, but being transported to their home country would improve the speed and nature of the healing process. However, very few insurance companies will pay for this type of medical repatriation.

Therefore, before taking out an insurance policy, it’s worth looking at the contractual conditions to check whether medically necessary and medically reasonable patient transports are both covered by the insurance company. But don't worry if this is not the case, we will also carry out a medical repatriation for you if have no insurance.

Advantages of using Deutsche-Privatjet

Thanks to years of experience in organising ambulance flights from the most remote parts of the world, we are able to provide the most suitable means of transport for each individual case and each flight route. Deutsche-Privatjet’s ambulance flight experts can organise even short-notice ambulance flights with the utmost consideration for the patient's wellbeing.

Our international team can speak thirteen languages fluently. This makes it easier for us to communicate with foreign doctors and authorities.

Especially in emergency situations, it is important to have a competent team to reach out to. We can be contacted 24 hours a day and are available to assist you personally around the clock. We will answer all your questions about our services and can organise your private medical transport quickly and with minimum bureaucracy.

Just 3 steps to your fast and safe ambulance flight

With us, it is easy to book a fast and safe medical repatriation. You will be on your way in just 3 simple steps.

  • Consultation: to start with, simply describe your situation to us during a free consultation. We will then explain your options to you and will prepare a non-binding quotation after our conversation, which you are welcome to discuss with your family at your leisure.
  • Organisation: when you accept our offer, we will immediately begin preparing for your medical transport. We will relieve you of the organisational effort and will gladly handle all the communication with the doctors and authorities. During the preparation phase, we will keep you informed about all the developments. Upon request, we will also organise the ground ambulance to the airport and from the airport to the patient’s final destination. Once the organisation of the flight is complete, we will send you your individually tailored flight plan.
  • The flight: on the day of departure, you will be transported quickly and safely from the agreed location to the airport. There, the plane will be waiting, and the medical team will welcome you on board. During the flight, the medical staff will be at your side to provide the best possible treatment, so that you are cared for 24 hours a day and arrive safely at the destination airport. From there, you will proceed in the fastest way to your destination.

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