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Bed to bed service

Deutsche-Privatjet offers an extensive selection of air ambulance and medevac flights to you. Within a short time our expert case managers, who are available 24/7 worldwide, will organize a transfer fitted individually to the needs of the customer. Our process is easy, and we make sure to pay attention to quality service while using all available resources efficiently.

Doctor with patient

To ensure the most gentle air ambulance flight possible, we offer "bed-to-bed" service worldwide, which means we handle the entire transfer, including ground transport by ambulance between hospitals and airports. This ensures a consistently high quality of care during the entire repatriation process and guarantees complete documentation by recognised medical personnel. When repatriation is arranged by a single entity, we only have to move the patient to another bed twice as the stretcher we use on the ground that is compatible with the air ambulance.

Maximum relief for patients and relatives

All ambulances used on the ground are fitted with the most modern equipment, adapted according to the patient’s medical requirements. An experienced medical team also accompanies the patient on these necessary journeys. In most cases, the ambulance can drive up to the waiting air ambulance and the patient is, of course, brought on board lying down.

For time-critical repatriation or if expressly requested, the patient can also be transferred in a specially equipped rescue helicopter, saving the patient the delays caused by road traffic. In addition, the use of an ambulance helicopter can drastically reduce transfer times as we can land directly on the hospital’s helipad.

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