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Organ transport

Deutsche-Privatjet offers an extensive selection of air ambulance and medevac flights to you. Within a short time our expert case managers, who are available 24/7 worldwide, will organize a transfer fitted individually to the needs of the customer. Our process is easy, and we make sure to pay attention to quality service while using all available resources efficiently.

Organ transport by air ambulance or ambulance helicopter

The rapid transport of organs or blood products can often only be ensured by air. Using a specially provided private plane, we can offer you a flexible and time-saving solution for medical transportation. Within just a few minutes in each region, a suitable aircraft can be provided.

Expanding the transport chain by helicopter is available at any time. In this case, the helicopter picks the freight up at the hospital or laboratory and delivers it quickly to the nearest airfield where an appropriately equipped aircraft is already waiting to take the freight over. Arriving at your destination airport, a helicopter takes over the last part of the transport. With this type of transportation we make sure there are no delays. Trained service personnel, pilots and air traffic controllers provide a smooth and efficient transfer.

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