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Commercial Airline Stretcher

Medevac flight by scheduled commercial airline

We offer three types of repatriation on a scheduled flight, depending on the patient’s state of health: transport of stable patients (sitting), horizontal transport of stable patients, and intensive care transport on a scheduled flight.

Medical Escort

For less seriously ill passengers who suffer from known chronic conditions and require a doctor or experienced nurse during a scheduled flight, we offer a medical escort service. The medical escort remains close to the passenger at all times and carries equipment tailored to the diagnosis in order to be able to react if necessary. On request, the medical escort can accompany you at the end of the journey and beyond.

Commercial flight stretcher repatriation

For medically stable patients not dependent on acute medical treatment during the flight, a medically escorted scheduled flight can be a more reasonable alternative to the ambulance jet. For this purpose, a stretcher is installed in the passenger compartment, with a screen being used to shield the patient from other passengers. A medical team accompanies the patient on board the scheduled flight and ensures the best possible medical care. Accompanying passengers can travel in the immediate vicinity of the patient and enjoy the full comfort of a scheduled flight. Medically escorted scheduled flights are available on a large number of routes worldwide.

The preparation time for such a repatriation is 1 to 2 days. In the event of urgent repatriation, the only recommended method is repatriation by air ambulance. In most cases, repatriation in an air ambulance can be arranged for the same day and is also suitable for intensive care patients.

Intensive care transport on a scheduled flight

On some long-haul flights, it is also possible to repatriate ventilated intensive care patients in a module specially developed for this purpose. This so-called Patient Transport Compartment (PTC) forms a closed area inside the aircraft. In addition to the patient, the escorting medical team is accommodated within this area. Thanks to the necessary intensive care equipment, specialised care for seriously ill patients is provided for in the PTC.

However, the time required to organise this type of repatriation is even longer and frequently not available for intensive care patients due to the medical urgency. Also, in such cases, repatriation by ambulance jet can be the fastest to organise, simplest, and quickest alternative.

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