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An event where fans from around the world come together- this is what the FIFA World Cup was always meant to be. However, this year, instead of friendly competition, involving camaraderie, excitement and joy, there seems to be a sense of panic looming among fans. Not only are hotel and airfare prices skyrocketing, but it is proving difficult for organizers to cater to demands. 

What you should know if you are planning to go to Qatar for the World Cup

  • 200,000 people are expected to visit Qatar per day during the World Cup
  • Qatar is currently facing flight and accommodation shortages, with demand exceeding supply 
  • One feasible solution for fans is to book a private jet to watch specific matches, without staying overnight in Qatar. 
  • Deutsche-Privatjet has private jets ready to take you to the World Cup at short notice. 
  • The experience with Deutsche-Privatjet merges efficiency, rapidity and comfort.

Qatar stadium

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is being held in Qatar as from the 20th of November till the 18th of December. This emirate of the Persian Gulf is not really known as a soccer nation. It is instead a popular holiday destination because of its sunny and warm climate. With the World Cup being held there, it is now in the limelight and organizers have been struggling with the logistics of everything involved. 

A large part of the country, which is only 175 km long and 85 km wide, is made up of barren and uninhabited desert land. Almost all of the World Cup stadiums are clustered in the east of the country around the capital Doha, which would make it easy for fans to attend several matches on the same day. According to estimates, Qatar will be welcoming over a million of visitors for the duration of the World Cup. 

Flight shortages to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar? 

The country's two airports, which will handle air traffic during the sporting event, are also located in Doha. Hamad International Airport was opened in 2014 to handle the increasing number of tourists. Its predecessor, Doha International Airport, was closed to scheduled flights at the same time. However, it will reopen for the World Cup to help handle the influx of football fans coming to attend matches, which is expected to be more than 200,000 people per day. 

In preparation for the World Cup, Qatar Airways has announced that it is going to cut routes to and from certain destinations to increase capacity for flights where the demand will be stronger during the World Cup. According to its announcement, it will suspend flights from Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Mogadishu, Somalia to add flights for markets such as Chicago O’Hare and Madrid. At the same time Saudia, Kuwait Airways, flydubai and Oman Air are planning to introduce more than 160 daily shuttle flights for fans on one-day trips to see matches. 

It should be noted that flights would be exclusively for those with World Cup tickets and who have carried out special registration, including processing biometric details. Despite these preparations, fans have expressed concerns about accommodation and air travel, expecting chaos at the airports, delays, holding times and unavailability of flight tickets. 

Accommodation shortages for World Cup fans in Qatar

What about accommodation? Is the infrastructure in Qatar, when it comes to housing, hotels, apartments and the likes solid enough to cater to the massive number of people planning to visit the country for the World Cup? 

high costs

Organizers have promised that they will be able to offer approximately 130,000 rooms by November, which would still leave some fans stranded, In a bid to fulfill the promise, in November 2021, the construction of low-rise apartment blocks for fans began. According to Qatar Tourism, fewer than 50,000 hotels rooms will be ready by the beginning of the World Cup and most of these have been reserved for players and FIFA officials. 

As such, officials are looking for innovative and creative ways to accommodate fans. For instance, besides hotel rooms, serviced apartments and villas, cruise ships which are temporarily moored are being advertised as floating hotels. Proposals have been put forward for desert fan villages, which consists of bedouin-style tents and a ‘holiday home’ scheme has been launched allowing Doha residents to applying for licences to rent out their homes to fans on AirBnB or VRBO.

Private jet travel: a sensible alternative for the World Cup

Considering that the demand for overnight accommodation is significantly exceeding supply, commercial airlines’ inability to handle the influx of visitors and the massive increase in prices for both air tickets and accommodation, traveling to Qatar by private jet is a sensible option

Booking a private jet is also ideal since pairings for knockout matches are only determined at a short notice, which implies that fans excited for specific matches will have to make their bookings unexpectedly, which an unfeasible possibility via commercial airlines. 

private jet

With a private jet, fans can enjoy complete flexibility in scheduling, such as booking at short notice or even, arriving and departing on a match day - without having to worry about finding a hotel room on site.

Moreover, you also enjoy the usual advantages of a private flight tour. These are: 

  • comfortable furnishings, 
  • excellent service on board, 
  • catering of your choice,
  • fast check-in at the General Aviation Terminal, thus not having to deal with the crowds at the scheduled flight terminals.
  •  your private jet can remain on standby for take-off at the end of the match, as soon as you have boarded, if you wish. 

How to book a private jet to Qatar for the World Cup? 

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