A private plane does not always have to be a jet. Propeller aircraft are often a great option, especially for shorter distances, and have more advantages than their reputation suggests. Modern propeller planes with turboprop engines are just as safe as jets, and the differences in noise levels and flight behaviour are much smaller than many passengers assume. Therefore, you may find that there are good reasons to hire a propeller plane for your next private flight.

Dornier 328

What’s the difference between propeller aircraft and jets?

Turboprop aircraft have a slightly shorter range than jets and are also somewhat slower than planes with jet engines. This means that they are less suitable for long-haul flights. Propeller planes demonstrate their strengths in other areas: on the one hand, they can use very short runways that would be out of the question even for small jets. On the other hand, they have significantly better flight characteristics at low altitudes and/or reduced airspeed than jet planes. Thus, there are two areas of use for which propeller aircraft are particularly suitable: flexible short-haul flights and sightseeing flights, e.g. offshore wind farms.

Short-haul flights in a propeller plane

Particularly if the departure point or destination of your flight is not near a major airport, a turboprop aircraft can save you precious time. Turboprops can land at smaller airports that are not suitable for jets. This can save you a long car journey to the airport or from the airport to your destination, and you can enjoy a relaxed flight, knowing that you will be landing nearby. Therefore, in spite of the slightly slower flight speed, your total journey time will be significantly reduced.

Sightseeing flights in a propeller plane

Propeller planes are also eminently suitable for sightseeing flights. They are able to take off from a small airport very close to the place to be visited, thus significantly reducing the overall flight time. The aircraft’s excellent flight characteristics at low altitude and airspeed enable excellent visibility during sightseeing flights. A turboprop aircraft is also often significantly more cost-effective than a helicopter, especially for a group of passengers – particularly as passengers in a plane usually have more window seats available to them.

Charter a Turboprop: booking a propeller plane is easy

Beechcraft King Air 200

If you would like to hire a propeller plane, please contact us at any time. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation and will inform you of your options free of charge. We will check availability for your desired date and will produce a detailed flight plan in consultation with you. We will also organise all the elements surrounding the flight for you: we will obtain landing permits and overflight permits for you, organise the handling of your luggage and, upon request, arrange your journey to the airport. If on-board catering is required, we will also provide this according to your wishes.

Chartering a propeller plane: What are the expected costs?

The costs of chartering a propeller plane can only be calculated on an individual basis.  For this reason we cannot quote any standard rates. However, we would be happy to provide you with an individual quotation following our initial consultation with you. When providing a quotation, we consider the following factors in particular:

  • Flight route
  • Size of the propeller plane
  • Urgency of the request

Based on the quotation, you will be able to fully understand the expected costs and make your decision.

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