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To start anew and leave one’s old life behind, that's the dream of many emigrants. Whether the attraction is leaving the country to pursue a new career, the love of your life, or even a more pleasant climate, emigration involves a lot of organisational effort and a great deal of stress. When you hire a private jet to travel to your new home, you can avoid much of the stress and enjoy the flight instead.


The flexibility of a private aircraft

A private jet offers you the greatest possible flexibility to assist you in planning your emigration. You can choose your own departure and destination airports, and you can also use small airports nearby – not just major international airports. This saves you long journeys by car and train to get to the airport and to your new home. In addition, for a private jet every flight is a direct flight. Time-consuming and stressful stopovers to catch connecting flights are not necessary, even for exotic destinations.

You enjoy full flexibility, both spatially and temporally. The date and time of the flight depends only on your wishes, not on the airlines' flight schedules. And if it takes longer than planned to hand over your old home or say goodbye to your relatives, that is no problem either. Just a quick phone call will ensure that your private jet will wait for you.

Travel in comfort in a private jet

woman in private jet

In contrast to the cramped and often hectic atmosphere of a scheduled aircraft, in a private plane you can leave all the stress behind, at least for the duration of the flight. You can look forward to comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, which can usually also be fully reclined. Whereas in a scheduled airliner ready-made meals are served in plastic trays, in a private jet you will enjoy an excellent catering service, which is arranged in advance of the flight according to your wishes.

Many private jets can also be put into night configuration for long-haul flights, so that a freshly made bed will be ready for you. This way, you will arrive at your destination fit and well rested and can begin this new stage of your life with all your energy.

Emigrating with pets

pets in private jet

Often, it’s not only people who emigrate, but also their pets. Of course, you would want your four-legged companions to travel comfortably with you. But in a scheduled airliner, the reality is different. Pets are usually banished to the cargo hold, confined in a cramped transport box. There, they have to cope for hours in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable situation without their owners, food or fresh water.

In contrast, on board a private aircraft pets travel in comfort, just like their human companions. They are given their own seat in the cabin, enjoy freedom of movement and get their favourite food and fresh water at all times. Leaving their familiar environment is already stressful enough for many animals. On board a private jet, you can be sure that there will be no additional stress for your animal companion.

Private jets and luggage

Those who emigrate tend not to travel light. Even if most of your belongings are being transported separately in containers, you need to bring enough luggage to get through the first few days and weeks in your new home without any problems. Scheduled airlines are often quite inflexible about luggage, and you can end up paying dearly for every kilogramme of excess baggage.

Here too, a private jet offers more flexibility. Although space in the cargo hold is limited, this only leads to problems when the aircraft is fully occupied. However, this is rarely the case when emigrating by private jet, so you can usually use additional space for your luggage – at no extra charge.

Deutsche-Privatjet is here to help

We at Deutsche-Privatjet have been organising private flights for decades – including one-way flights for emigrants. We know how stressful it is to move your whole life to another country, so we would like to relieve you of as much effort as possible in preparing for your trip. We can take care of the organisation of every aspect of the trip for you, including an airport transfer by taxi or limousine if you wish. Of course, we will take care of the entire flight planning process and will obtain all the required overflight and landing permits. If you have any special wishes regarding your private flight, we will be happy to fulfil them. This will allow you to focus on the other issues that are bound to crop up when you emigrate – in the reassuring knowledge that your travel planning is in the best hands.

And your freight container? If you wish, we will take care of that too

The majority of emigrants load their belongings into a container and have them transported to their new home. Often, the container is transported by ship over most of the route – especially on long distances or when moving to another continent. However, sea freight is of course relatively slow and can be impractical, especially when starting the journey away from coastal regions, as the container has to be transported over a long distance by road before it can be loaded onto a ship.

It is much faster and easier to get your belongings back into your possession if you hire a cargo plane to take your freight container to its destination. Naturally, your goods will be transported just as carefully and gently as by any other means of transport. Just like your private jet, the cargo plane can land at a small airport nearby, thus minimising ground transport. And with faster delivery of your container, the new chapter of your life can begin sooner, without you having to live with several weeks of interim solutions. We can organise your freight transport upon request and will also ensure that it all goes smoothly.

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