Whether you are traveling for business, going on a holiday, or visiting family around the world, how you travel can make all the difference. Your travel can take you anywhere, and you should plan the best option to suit your needs. A private jet is universally recognized as the best way to travel, especially in terms of comfort and personal service. However, each private jet, and each trip in a private jet, is not the same. When chartering a private flight, you have the option to choose from among a variety of aircraft including turboprop and jet planes. While all of these aircraft offer the flexibility, comfort, and outstanding service you get when flying in a private jet, they each have their own advantages which we’ll take you through below.

Advantages of a turboprop vs jetplane

Beechkraft King Air 350

A turboprop plane is a plane that utilizes a turbine engine to drive a propeller which creates the necessary thrust for flight. In contrast, a jet plane uses the engine to produce a high velocity jet that propels the plane forward. The advantages of a turboprop plane are most felt over short distances and when flying to and from smaller airports. While a turboprop can’t reach the same maximum speeds as a jet plane, it has better flight characteristics at low altitudes and reduced speeds. This makes them ideal for sightseeing. If you only need to travel a short distance, and don’t need the massive speed of a jet plane, a turboprop plane is a great choice.

Additionally, turboprop planes don’t require as much runway space as a jet plane. This gives them the ability to utilize smaller airports, saving time by landing and taking off from airports that are more conveniently located to you. However, a turboprop doesn’t have the distance capacity that a jet has, making them available only for short distance flights.

On the other hand, a jet plane can reach higher speeds and travel farther than a turboprop plane, making them ideal for long flights. That is not to say a jet plane can’t also fly short distances. If you are making multiple stops on a tour, and you want to use the same plane, a jet might be the best option for you, and if you are more interested in speed, a jet plane is the way to go.

Bombardier Learjet 31A

Charter a turboprop or jet plane with Deutsche-Privatjet

Whether you need a turboprop plane for a short-haul or sightseeing trip or want a jet plane for your overseas flight, Deutsche-Privatjet is ready to meet your needs. We can even arrange your travel to and from the airport and offer excellent service every step of the way. With our worldwide network of planes, both turboprops and jets, we can fly you anywhere you want to go. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to consult and organize your flights and is able to react quickly to give you everything you need. Even if your plans change last minute, we can accommodate changes of flight time destination on short notice. When you book your private jet with us, you can sit back and enjoy your trip and leave the rest to us.

How we calculate the costs of a private flight

One thing that might sway your decision of flying in a turboprop or jet plane is the cost. When booking with Deutsche-Privatjet we take several factors into account to determine the final cost, the type of aircraft being only one of them. Each client is unique and even when taking the same aircraft on the same route, the costs need to be calculated based on the client’s needs and desires. Whatever your needs though, Deutsche-Privatjet provides the best private jet services at affordable prices. We have various models to offer optimal price to performance ratios to ensure you get the best service at the best price.

Some of the important factors we consider include:

  • Flight route and distance
  • Flight time
  • Model of aircraft
  • Number of passengers
  • Crew size
  • Special service requests
  • Urgency of booking

For an exact quote, your personal account manager will consult with you to determine the best private jet options to meet your needs and desires. Then, after your free consultation, we can give you an exact, non-binding quote.

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