Traveling can be one of the great joys of life, but it can also be one of the most stressful experiences. From arranging your schedule to arrive early at a busy airport with long security lines to crowded airplanes with no room to stretch and breathe, traveling can be exhausting. It can even seem like the experience of traveling is one of enduring hardship in order to get to the joy of the destination at the end. Traveling doesn’t have to be miserable though, or even mildly annoying. With scheduling flexibility as well as outstanding personal service and comfort, a Global Jet charter can make your journey just as delightful as the destination.

Why travel in a private jet?

Private jet in air

One of the major advantages of chartering a private Global Jet is the flexibility it offers. When traveling on a scheduled commercial flight, you are required to adjust your schedule to fit the airline. If a business meeting goes long, or you end up stuck in traffic on the way to the airport, the airplane won’t adjust to fit your life at all. When chartering a private jet with Deutsche-Privatjet though, you can arrange the schedule however you like. We can even adjust to last minute changes if necessary. With a private jet, you also don’t have to fly from a major airport, affording you the ability to fly from a smaller airport that’s more conveniently located to your home or business.

Flying in a private jet also provides the best in-flight personal service. On a commercial flight you have to wait for the flight attendants to come to you, but on a private jet you have a specially allocated flight attendant to take care of you exactly when you need them. Food service is also better on a private flight, with a number of catering options to suit your desires rather than being stuck with a limited menu. A private jet charter is designed in every way to offer you the best service.

Finally, the comfort of a private jet cannot be overstated Private jets offer comfortable chairs and legroom as several other amenities to make your trip enjoyable. A private jet can have separate areas for lounging, working, and sleeping to suit your needs, and can also come equipped with a bathroom and shower. If that all sounds like a bit much for you though, you can also charter a smaller jet with fewer added amenities that still maintains the comfort, flexibility, and service of any private jet. Perhaps best of all, on a private jet you fly alone or with your own group, so you’re not forced to sit in a cabin with many strangers. 

Why book a Global Jet charter with Deutsche-Privatjet?

When you need a Global Jet charter, Deutsche-Privatjet is the best choice. Our worldwide network of jets allows us to offer you first-class service anywhere in the world. Our team is available 24/7 to arrange your travel needs to and from the airport of your choice. We can even organize your travel to and from the airport. Our experienced team is also ready and equipped to offer you the best possible service from beginning to end. We have the capability to react quickly and adjust your flight time and destination even at short notice. When booking a Global Jet charter with us, we’ll handle everything so that you can just enjoy your vacation or business trip. 

How we calculate the costs of a Global Jet charter

private jet costs

Private jets are often thought of as a luxury only the rich and famous can afford but chartering a private jet doesn’t have to be available only to the wealthy. Deutsche-Privatjet provides the best private jet services at affordable prices. When calculating the cost for our services, we take several factors into account and have various models to offer optimal price to performance ratios. Each flight is uniquely priced taking into account the best routes, type of aircraft, and additional services that will best meet the needs and desires of our customers. 

Some important cost factors include:

  • Flight route and distance
  • Flight time
  • Model of aircraft
  • Number of passengers
  • Crew size
  • Special service requests
  • Urgency of booking 

For a free, non-binding quote, a personal account manager will consult with you to determine the best private jet options to meet your needs and desires.

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