Chartering a private jet is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are looking for the fastest way to get to your holiday destination or are flying to an important meeting with colleagues, a private jet can fly you anywhere in the world on any flight route. A private flight offers comfort and flexibility and saves you time. But with the wide range of aircraft models available, it can be difficult to decide which aircraft is right for your individual requirements.

Which private jets are the most popular models? The answer is clear: the various models belonging to the Learjet family.

Bombardier Learjet 31Many of our customers associate chartering a Learjet with a high level of wellbeing on board, because a flight in a Learjet is one of the most comfortable options for reaching countless destinations quickly and flexibly. The word ‘Learjet’ is often used as a synonym for a private jet. This fact clearly supports the excellent reputation of this sought-after business jet. 

The Bombardier Learjet is one of the most popular models in the Learjet series. This model has been part of the private jet market since the 1960s and is now available in many versions – in several sizes and with varying equipment and cabin designs. So there is a suitable model for everyone

The most well-known models in the Learjet series:

Learjet equipment

Bombardier Learjet 60 - interiorThe equipment and interior design of all Learjets is extremely high quality. In addition to luxurious interiors, many of the Learjets include in-flight entertainment. This ensures the best quality entertainment during the flight.

The Learjet 60 is one of the larger aircraft. This private jet can accommodate up to 10 people. This type of aircraft has a particularly large fuselage and, accordingly, an extra-large and spacious cabin: even taller people can easily get up to have a stretch during the flight. 

Hiring a Learjet – cost

Costs of hiring a Learjet

Chartering a Learjet doesn't have to be expensive. If the passenger seat capacity is used fully, the prices are often similar to the business class tariffs of scheduled airlines. If you charter a Learjet with Deutsche-Privatjet, you will benefit not only from excellent service and personal care, but also from a cost-effective airfare.

However, we cannot give an exact standard price since the cost depends on your individual requirements: how large does your private jet need to be? What kind of equipment and cabin design are you looking for? Is your planned private flight short, medium or long-haul? How soon does the Learjet need to be available?

Thanks to our global network, we can provide a Learjet for you even at very short notice.

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