Many dog owners do not even want to part from their beloved four-legged friend while travelling. However, this can lead to problems on long-haul flights in scheduled airliners: although almost every airline allows assistance dogs to travel in the cabin, all other dogs are usually relegated to the cargo hold.

In the hold, the dog has to endure hours in a transport crate, with no room to exercise and without the opportunity to do its business outside the crate. The unfamiliar situation, the separation of the dog from its owner or its human family and the uncomfortable conditions in the cold, dark hold make any scheduled flight a stressful experience for many dogs. The pet's owners are also often thinking about their four-legged companion and cannot relax and enjoy the flight.

Dog on a planeFlying with a dog: no problem in a private jet

To avoid this situation, many dog owners prefer to book a flight in a private jet. This way, both dog and owner can travel together in the passenger cabin. Neither does the animal have to be confined to a cramped crate: during the flight it has the same freedom of movement as the human passengers. We will also be delighted to meet the individual catering requirements of dog and owner. Thus, travelling by plane becomes a relaxing experience for everyone concerned and people and animals will feel completely comfortable.

Checking in at the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) will also be quiet and stress-free for all involved. The atmosphere is much quieter than the hectic terminals of the scheduled airlines, with their long queues. So even dogs that are sensitive to noise and crowds can have a stress-free flight. And of course, human passengers also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the GAT.

Formalities when travelling abroad with dogs

Just like humans, animals require valid travel documents. However, before the journey, it is vital that dog owners find out about the entry requirements for dogs in the destination country. The entry requirements vary from country to country (for example, they are quite strict in the UK) and it is only possible to ensure that the required documents can be obtained in good time if this is done far enough in advance.

Since we regularly organise private flights for passengers with dogs, we are very familiar with the formalities and paperwork for travelling abroad with pets. We will be happy to assist you with all the bureaucratic hurdles so that you can concentrate on your journey.

Flying in a private jet with a dog: How much will it cost?

In general, whether you take a dog on your private flight does not affect the price. At most, additional costs could arise when travelling with several large animals. In this case, a larger aircraft may be necessary to provide enough space, not only for the human travellers but also the dogs.

Fundamentally, the price of a flight in a private jet depends mainly on the combination of flight distance and aircraft type. Shorter distances and flights using smaller aircraft are of course cheaper to organise than transatlantic flights in large private jets.

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