People travel for a variety of reasons, and their travels often take them all over the world. Whether for business or holiday, to visit family or to see the World Cup, how you travel can make all the difference. Busy airports and crowded planes can make a headache out of even the best trip. Especially when flying internationally, you could do with a little less to worry about. For your next trip out of the USA, remove the headache and take a private jet.

Why travel in a private jet from the USA?

Private jets offer many advantages, including flexibility during your travel, comfort, and personal service.

Flexibility is the number one thing we wish we had more of while traveling, but when traveling on a commercial flight you have to adjust to the schedule of the airline. If you’re stuck in traffic or had a business meeting go long, you can’t make the airplane wait for you, even when flying First Class. With a private jet though, you have the flexibility of leaving when you want, even if something comes up or you change your plans at the last minute. Private jets also don’t have to fly out of major hubs, giving you more options for traveling from an airport that’s convenient to your location and schedule.

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Private jets have comfortable chairs and plenty of legroom, but they can also have additional amenities like separate work and sleeping areas, lounges, and even a bathroom with a shower. If those luxuries seem excessive to you, you can also choose to travel in a smaller jet that still offers flexibility and comfort without unnecessary or extraneous amenities.

Finally, flying in a private jet provides the best personal in-flight service, with flight attendants specially allocated to take care of you exactly when you need them. Plus, on a private flight from the US, you’re not stuck choosing from a limited menu. Private flights can allow for a number of catering options that suit your desires. And best of all, private jets offer the privacy and comfort of only traveling with people in your group, so you are not bothered by a loud or annoying stranger.

How we calculate the costs of a private flight

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We often think private jets are only for the wealthy, but actually flying in a private jet from the USA doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. We have various models offering good price to performance ratios. Especially if you travel with a group and split the cost, flying in a private jet can be quite affordable. Each flight is priced based on the specific desires and needs of our customers, and takes into account several variables, including:

  • Flight Time
  • Type of Aircraft
  • Airport Fees
  • Crew Size
  • Ground Transport

Reach out to our team to discuss your flight needs and get a quote. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why book with Deutsche-Privatjet?

For your next flight from the USA, take a private flight with Deutsche-Privatjet. We offer first-class service every step of the way and can even organize your travel to and from the airport. Our extensive experience and contacts give us the ability to react quickly and adjust your flight time and destination, even at short notice. When you travel with us, you can concentrate on enjoying your vacation or business trip. We’ll handle the rest.

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