The United States of America is an amazing country filled with incredible sights, both natural and manmade. Whatever you want to do or see, you can in the USA. If you’re looking for incredible natural wonders, you can visit the Grand Canyon or Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. Or you can see man made wonders like the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are looking for nightlife, you can visit New York City, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. You can travel to California to visit Disneyland and go on a tour of Hollywood. Literally anything you want to see or do, you can in the US.


Why travel in a private jet to the USA?

Traveling is wonderful, but busy airports and crowded planes are awful to deal with. For your next trip to the USA, try taking a private jet. Private jets offer many advantages, including flexibility during your travel, comfort, and personal service.

With a scheduled flight you are beholden to the timetable of the airline. Even when flying First Class, you can’t make the airplane wait on you if you’re running late or if you have to adjust your plans. When flying with a private jet though, you have the flexibility of leaving when you want, even if you change your plans last minute. Additionally, private jets don’t have to fly out of a major hub. You can skip the traffic and the crowds by flying out of a smaller airport more convenient to you. 

private jet

Private jets also provide the most comfortable way to fly. In addition to comfortable chairs with plenty of legrooms, a private jet can have additional amenities like lounge and sleeping areas, or even a bathroom with a shower. If those luxuries aren’t important or necessary for you though, you can choose to travel in a smaller jet, that still offers flexibility and comfort without over the top amenities.

private jet interior

Additionally, flying in a private jet to the USA provides you the best possible in-flight service. On a commercial airliner, you have to wait for the flight attendant to make their way around to you, but on a private jet you get personal service from a flight attendant specially allocated to you. You can also choose from a number of catering options rather than selecting from a limited menu. Lastly, private jets are just that: Private. The only people on board with you are the people you’re traveling with, so there’s no danger of being sat next to a rude stranger.

How we calculate the costs of a private flight

We often think private jets are the luxury of the rich and famous, but actually a private jet to the USA doesn’t have to be expensive. If you choose a jet with a good price to performance ratio, and especially if you travel with a group, private jets can often be comparable to flying Business or First Class on a commercial flight. We calculate the cost of each flight based on the unique needs and desires of the passengers, taking into account such things as:

  • Flight Time
  • Type of Aircraft
  • Airport Fees
  • Crew Size
  • Ground Transport

If you would like a quote, reach out to our team available 24 hours a day to discuss your flight needs and help you figure out the most economical solution. 

Why book with Deutsche-Privatjet?

For your next flight to the US, take a private flight with Deutsche-Privatjet. With our experience and contacts, we can provide you with a summary of the costs for your travel and deploy an aircraft for you, even at short notice. If your plans change, no problem. We can react quickly and adjust your flight time and destination. We offer first-class service before, during, and after your flight, and can even organize your travel to and from the airport. When you travel with us, you can concentrate on your vacation or business trip, and leave the rest to us.

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