Whether for the transport of air cargo, a patient transport or a swift repatriation from almost any country in the world, there can be many reasons for chartering a private jet. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for all our private flights. In addition to the organisational questions, sooner or later the question arises as to the expenditure involved.

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What are the costs for private flights?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a standard answer to this question as the calculation of the costs depends on various factors:

  • Flight route

Is your required private flight short, medium or long-haul? The distance to be covered is an important factor in calculating the price. The cost of a private flight depends largely on the distance between the departure point and the destination. 

  • Flying at short notice?

How soon is the private flight required? The availability of the desired private jet, and an appropriately experienced pilot, must be checked for each flight booking. If an aircraft is positioned particularly close to the desired departure point, this can have a positive effect on the cost of the private flight. Logistically, it is often easier and cheaper to plan a private flight further in advance. However, thanks to our many years of experience, even short-notice flights can be arranged at any time.

  • Private jet – model

Which model of jet is required? We can offer you a variety of different aircraft types suited to your individual requirements. The layout and equipment on board the private jet plays an important role in the cost calculation: a VIP airliner, for example, is one of the most luxurious private jets. In addition to first-class on-board service, some of the aircraft have separate sleeping and living areas. When selecting your private jet, we will take into account your seating and space requirements and any catering preferences. It is also possible for you to choose your preferred aircraft model yourself. Whether you seek the flexibility of a turboprop aircraft or the comfort of a VIP airliner, when preparing the quotation for your charter flight we will always aim for an individual and cost-effective solution for you.

  • Number of passengers

Are you flying alone or with others? We also organise private flights for groups: [Link] small groups as well as large groups. Our experience has shown that chartering a private plane as a group is often cheaper than making a group booking with a scheduled airline. We would be happy to discuss your individual options with you.

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In order for us to be able to give you an exact price, a personal consultation is very important. If you would like to charter a private jet, your personal customer advisor will be available at all times to provide you with free, detailed advice. After the first consultation, our experienced team can make a cost calculation and provide you with a non-binding quotation.

Any further questions?

Do you need to book a private flight and require additional information about hiring a private jet? We have compiled the answers to our customers' most frequently asked questions in our FAQ .

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