From small turboprop planes and midsize jets to large VIP airliners, we have a wide selection of private aircraft to suit your individual requirements. Whether for a short city break, a golfing weekend, a business meeting or a long-awaited holiday in a tropical resort, we will find the right private jet for your needs. 

The number of passengers, your personal requirements in terms of equipment, cabin layout and comfort, and the flight route (and thus the range of the private jet) all determine which model is suitable for you. The 'range' represents the maximum distance a plane can travel without refuelling.


Light Jets – the perfect choice for your short-haul flight

Smaller jets, such as light jets, have a shorter range and are therefore ideally suited for flying shorter routes. Light jets are private jets that can be flown by a single pilot. These models are significantly more affordable than the larger midsize jets. The capacity is typically between 5 and 8 passenger seats.

Many of our customers hire light jets for their business appointments. For example, the Cessna Citation 525 CJ1 is a very popular model for business travel. With a range of 2,400 km, this jet is ideal for domestic flights. But this private jet from the American aircraft manufacturer is also a good choice for international short-haul flights.

Cessna Citation CJ1

Long-range aircraft for long-haul flights

Models in the Global Cabin category are suitable for transatlantic flights. These private jets have a longer range. This is important so the aircraft can travel long distances without refuelling stops. Suitable models are available from the well-known Gulfstream series or the Learjet series, for example.

The Gulfstream G550 is particularly suitable for long-haul flights. The aircraft was one of the forerunners among the long-haul jets. It was one of the first private jets in the ultra long-haul category. When it was originally certified, it was the private jet with the longest range – 12,500 km. This Gulfstream aircraft can fly continuously for more than 14 hours meaning that it is able to fly transcontinental routes non-stop.

Gulfstream G550

Private jet hire: what are the costs?

The cost of a private flight is largely determined by the distance between the departure point and the destination. This factor determines whether a private jet with a short or long range is required. In addition to this decisive indicator, however, the number of passengers and how soon the flight is to take place also go into the price calculation. 

In order to find the right aircraft for your individual case, it is important to have a personal consultation with one of our experts. Immediately after the initial conversation, our experienced team can find a suitable private jet for you and, upon request, can prepare a non-binding quotation for you.

Private jet costs

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