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Cargo Flights

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Express freight

Express freight is one of the most important areas of operation for cargo planes and helicopters, because nothing is as fast as flying. Companies that organise their supply chains according to the just-in-time principle sometimes require urgent transport to meet deadlines, prevent assembly line standstills and avoid high contractual penalties.

We will take care of your express freight and will start organising the flight immediately after you contact us, so that no time is lost. Your express freight flight can take off within a very short time and your express freight will arrive at its destination as quickly as possible.

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The right means of transport for your freight

Freight transport can have very different mission profiles, so different means of transport can be used depending on the situation. Specialised cargo aircraft, private jets or cargo helicopters are used. In addition, on-board couriers can travel in regular scheduled airliners. Below, we present the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

Cargo planes

Antonov An-12

Specialised cargo aircraft are widely used in civil and military aviation. They have extremely powerful engines and a huge cargo hold, so that even very large volumes of freight can be transported without any difficulty.

In many aircraft types, the doors of the cargo hold are so large that mechanical loading is possible.

This makes cargo planes ideal for transporting large loads, which almost fully utilise their cargo capacity. However, cargo aircraft are often not economical for lower freight volumes. In addition, depending on the weight of the cargo and the size of the aircraft, cargo planes need very long runways, so that in many cases only major international airports can be used. As a result, transport to the cargo's final destination may become long and complex.

Private jets

Cessna Citation 525A CJ2

Private jets are the all-rounders of aviation. They have a passenger cabin and a luggage room, or appropriate storage compartments to carry smaller amounts of cargo. This can also be your cargo!

Of course, private aircraft have significantly less cargo space than cargo planes, and the doors are also designed for people and not for loading cargo. This means that only items of cargo with manageable dimensions can be transported. However, especially in the case of freight transport, it is often only a matter of small quantities of relatively light cargo that will easily fit into a private jet. Here, a flexible private jet is often the best solution, especially since it can also land at small airports that are very close to the transport destination. Another advantage is that in a private jet, an on-board courier can accompany your cargo if necessary and ensure it is delivered safely.


AS 350 B3

Helicopters have an important advantage over planes: they don’t require airports for landing and only need a sufficiently large open space. In most cases, this allows helicopters to pick up their freight directly at the departure point and deliver it in the immediate vicinity of the transport destination.

Time-consuming detours via suitable airports are completely eliminated.

However, helicopters also have an important disadvantage: both the range and the flight speed of a helicopter are inferior compared to an aircraft. Thus, a helicopter is only suitable for transporting cargo over relatively short distances. Most of the popular models also have a rather limited load capacity. As a result, helicopters are a sensible solution primarily for express transport of smaller cargo volumes.

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Scheduled airliners

Boeing 777-200

A cargo transport in a scheduled aircraft is often carried out by an on-board courier. The courier carries the freight as hand baggage and thus personally ensures the safe transport and reliable delivery of the goods. As the plane does not have to be hired separately, the costs are significantly lower. The personal support provided by the on-board courier makes this transport method a popular option for files or sensitive data carriers.

However, an on-board courier in a scheduled aircraft is only suitable for transporting lightweight cargo in small quantities. The courier can only carry as much cargo as he or she is allowed to take on board the aircraft as hand luggage. In addition, this type of cargo transport is restricted by the rules of the scheduled airlines, which prohibit the carrying of a wide variety of items in hand luggage. Last but not least, transporting cargo in scheduled aircraft is always subject to the current flight schedules.

This type of cargo transport is therefore not suitable for particularly urgent freight or destinations that are not major airports. In the Coronavirus pandemic, there is another aggravating factor – in many countries, entering the country at short notice is currently difficult. In some cases, quarantine may be necessary, meaning that speedy delivery of the cargo is simply not possible.

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Special and heavy freight transport

We will always find an individual solution, even for unusual freight. We would like to introduce you to the most common forms of special transport.

Heavy loads

Heavy loads

For transporting heavy loads we use particularly powerful cargo aircraft with large cargo holds and a high load-bearing capacity.

This enables us to transport industrial pumps and machines or heavy military cargo safely and reliably. Of course, our aircraft are available to you even if you are not a business customer, but a private individual.

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Dangerous goods

The IATA association of airlines has issued regulations for dangerous goods, which are updated annually. According to these dangerous goods Regulations (DGR) , certain items or substances must be transported only in a cargo aircraft – i.e. not in a scheduled aircraft – and in compliance with strict safety standards.

Accordingly, the cost and effort of obtaining permits for such transports has also increased.

We bring dangerous goods safely to their destination. To this end, we work closely with the relevant authorities from the very beginning and take care of the precise declaration of your cargo. This is how we ensure the safe and smooth transport of dangerous goods.

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The transport of valuable cargo such as banknotes, gold bars or works of art requires maximum discretion, as well as trained security personnel to escort the items at all stages of the journey.

In addition, we are happy to provide suitable transport boxes that are sealed with two seals and therefore cannot be opened during transport.

We transport works of art, and other cargo that is susceptible to damage, in specially designed containers, in order to protect it from the effects of the weather and thus from damage.

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Cargo charter or additional cargo in a scheduled aircraft?

As an alternative to a private charter, freight can in many cases also be transported as an additional load in a scheduled aircraft. The luggage compartments of such scheduled aircraft tend to have more space than is required for passengers' suitcases. This additional space is often used for transporting cargo. However, this additional cargo is subject to various restrictions.

  • Various types of goods may not be transported in a scheduled aircraft.
  • A scheduled aircraft does not have enough space for particularly bulky goods.
  • The transport of additional cargo requires a longer lead time and is not possible at short notice.
  • The consigner is bound by the normal flight schedule. The consigner can only send the cargo at the scheduled flight times and only the usual destination airports of the scheduled airlines are available.

These limitations underline that carrying on-board cargo in scheduled aircraft is only suitable for routine transport. As soon as only one aspect of the transport is exceptional – whether it is the type of cargo, its weight, its urgency or its destination – chartering a cargo plane is usually the only solution.

Cost of a cargo flight

cargo flight cost

The cost of a cargo flight can only be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Too many factors affect the price. Some of the most important criteria are the transport route and the means of transport required. Equally important is the urgency of your request. If a cargo flight is required at short notice, a positioning flight may be required that will incur additional costs.

Any special services such as the provision of security personnel or the transport of dangerous goods are also relevant. Lastly, in the case of cargo flights by plane, we need to consider whether we are also transporting the cargo to the airport and whether this should be done in a van, a truck or a helicopter.

Our logistics experts are available to assist you 24 hours a day. We would be happy to give you a reliable guide price as part of the initial consultation.

Your advantages with Deutsche-Privatjet

For a freight charter you need a reliable partner – after all, you are entrusting them with valuable goods or placing the fulfilment of a delivery promise in their hands. Deutsche-Privatjet is your dependable partner. Thanks to our decades of experience in logistics, our global aircraft network and our solution-oriented approach, we can carry out your cargo charter to your complete satisfaction, so that your freight safely reaches its destination on time.

Our international team speaks 13 languages fluently and is available 24 hours a day – even at weekends and on public holidays. We pride ourselves on the fact that you can talk to your personal contact at any time – not to an anonymous call centre operative.

Chartering a cargo aircraft in 3 simple steps

Hiring a cargo plane from us is easy. There are just 3 simple steps.

  • Consultation: first of all, we will discuss the details of your transport project with you, free of charge and without obligation. We will advise you on your options and, after the consultation, we will prepare a calculation of the costs for you.
  • Organisation: as soon as you accept our offer, you won’t need to worry about any of the organisational details. We will obtain the necessary permits and make all further preparations for the cargo flight. We will then send you a detailed flight plan. All you have to do is ensure that the freight is ready for collection on the agreed date and time.
  • Flight: on the day of the flight, we will pick up the freight at the agreed location and take it to the airport. If you prefer, you can deliver the cargo to the airport yourself. In that case our plane will be ready and waiting at the airport. After the cargo is loaded, our plane can take off within a very short time and will transport your freight to its destination via the shortest route. After landing, we will also arrange for the fast onward transport to the cargo’s final destination – except if you want to take charge of the freight yourself at the airport.

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