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Express freight by plane: using our expertise for the car industry

Charter a cargo aircraft for automotive transports

The complex supply chains of the automotive industry are often based on the ‘just in time’ principle. While this saves on storage costs, it is also highly susceptible to disruptions, delays and failures on the part of suppliers. These disruptions can endanger the timely production of the end product, which often leads to severe contractual penalties for car manufacturers and suppliers.

In order to prevent the potentially huge economic damage for your company, we would like to offer you our express air transport service for the automotive industry and its suppliers. With this service, we have already saved numerous well-known companies worldwide from reputation damage and high financial penalties.

Express freight for the automotive industry

In the event of an imminent production line stoppage, renowned international car manufacturers and suppliers rely on the expertise and experience of Deutsche-Privatjet’s express freight department. Our team is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and public holidays, and will start organising your express cargo flight straight after your call. We will deploy a flexible aircraft that can accommodate spare parts, components or accessories. Once loaded, it will fly directly to the airfield closest to your production facility.

If required, we can also organise the pre- and post-flight transport of the cargo. A truck can pick up the express freight from your factory and deliver it to the waiting aircraft, and/or transport it to the production facility after the cargo flight. This means that we can relieve you of the organisational and logistical effort and you can rely on us to ensure that the express delivery reaches its destination on time.

Transport of car parts by helicopter

For short distances it is often worth using a helicopter to transport your urgent freight to your chosen destination quickly and safely. Our highly competent colleagues at Deutsche-Helikopter have many years of experience in ‘door to airport’ and ‘door to door’ services for the automotive industry. Helicopters do not have to use airports, thanks to their unique flexibility in terms of taking off and landing. Instead, they can take off and land on a suitable landing surface in the immediate vicinity of your premises. This allows our transport helicopters to carry your cargo directly from factory gate to factory gate, or from the factory gate to the airport. By extending the transport chain to helicopters, we can carry out time-critical deliveries for the automotive industry in the shortest possible time, without having to transport your express freight by truck.

Express transport by air: the advantages

Worldwide Landing Sites

Private charter flights have considerably more airports available to them than regular scheduled and cargo flights. Smaller cargo jets and turboprop aircraft can also serve small, regional airfields that are closer to your production site and are not accessible to the large jumbo jets.


Aircraft and helicopters are extremely flexible and can be deployed for express flights at very short notice. We do not need to include extra time for roadworks or traffic jams in our schedules. This allows us to deliver your express freight to your chosen destination within a few hours. Border controls are also irrelevant for flights within Europe, which gives us an additional time advantage.

Ready to fly at any time

We don't wait until the next morning but set off right away. Our 24-hour phone number is always available – even at weekends and on public holidays. Call us immediately if there is any apparent delay in your production processes.


Production downtimes in the automotive industry are usually associated with large financial penalties. Even if delivery delays occur through no fault of your own, you will be held financially responsible. Avoid this kind of damage by booking an express delivery by plane or helicopter and preventing production downtime.

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If you have any questions about the process and organization of your cargo charter, you are welcome to browse our list of FAQs, which provides lots of useful additional information.

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