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Valuable cargo

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Worldwide transport of valuable goods by aircraft or helicopter

The worldwide transport of particularly valuable cargo requires great sensitivity and a proven, all-encompassing security plan. Our cargo charter department has many years of experience in this field. Whether artefacts of cultural and historical significance need to be transported to an exhibition or a bank wishes to send banknotes or credit cards, our team of experts will be happy to provide advice at any time.

Maximum security for your high-value-cargo

We will organise the transport of your valuable goods swiftly and discreetly, including credit cards and banknotes, gold and other precious metals, works of art, watches, jewellery and other high-value cargo. In addition to the technical procedures associated with the flight, we will also ensure strict compliance with all safety and security aspects. Not only the cargo flight, but also the transport of the cargo to the aircraft, and from the aircraft to its destination, will be monitored and documented by certified security personnel.

We will process your enquiry in the strictest confidence and will handle the transport of your valuable cargo by plane with absolute discretion. A reliable and security-approved on-board courier will be available to accompany your high-value cargo for the duration of the entire transport mission and will personally hand it over to the recipient. However, you can also have the high-value cargo transport accompanied by your own courier if you wish.

Secure transport containers for your valuable goods

Our experts will take care of all your requirements in terms of security, care and discretion, including the packaging of your valuable cargo. When selecting a suitable container, we take into account several other factors in addition to the nature of the valuable cargo. On request, we can transport your items in a specially developed valuable cargo box, which will be sealed with two seals. This allows you to be certain that your valuable cargo will remain securely locked in the box throughout the entire transport mission. For artworks that are susceptible to temperature changes and climatic conditions, we can provide temperature-controlled transport boxes, which also ensure that a constant level of humidity is maintained inside the box.

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If you have any questions about the process and organization of your cargo charter, you are welcome to browse our list of FAQs, which provides lots of useful additional information.

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