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FAQ Cargo charter

How quickly can a cargo aircraft be provided?

Cargo aircraft can usually be deployed with very little lead times. An express freight aircraft can already be available in 30 minutes after placing the order.

What is the maximum freight volume?

Whether it is a medical express freight or automotive industry parts with special sizes and weights, here at Deutsche-Privatjet we are able to provide a variety of cargo aircraft to make sure your freight can be delivered. Within a short period of time we organize an appropriately large aircraft that suits your individual needs.

What regions can I charter a freighter in?

Since the charter of cargo aircraft follows the needs of the globalized industries, there is a cargo aircraft available for an ad hoc charter quickly and flexibly all around the world. Through our global network of partners we can offer cargo jets in many places at low costs with just short lead times due to a quick approach.

How much does it cost to charter a cargo aircraft?

Since the total price of an aircraft charter for express air freight depends on a variety of variables, we will gladly work out an individual and non-binding offer based on your requirements. The expense of a cargo charter is substantially based on the transported volume and the desired routing. Taking all parameters in account, we calculate the costs for the most economical solution.

How long does it take to load a cargo aircraft?

The duration of the loading process depends on the cargo volume and the airport usage. In order to minimize cycle times and time-consuming security checks, we always refer to small, local airports in our planning to allow for short turnaround times.

Which airports are suitable for an ad hoc cargo charter?

Foremost small airports which are closer to your production site are particularly suitable to provide domestic cargo charter flights. Another advantage of these airports is that several security checks are kept to a minimum, and a direct delivery to the cargo jet waiting is often possible.

We also offer you the whole coordination of your air freight at international airports including all necessary security checks.

Who is responsible for the loading and unloading?

The loading and unloading processes of cargo aircraft at small airports are supported by the crew. At international airports, the total clearance is performed by specialized subcontractors. A very gentle handling of all cargo goods is ensured at all times.

Can forklifts be provided?

Yes. We are capable of providing all the necessary loading equipment on request.

Which types of loading equipment can be taken aboard?

Due to the fact that we have a huge variety of aircraft available, we are able to take almost any loading equipment aboard of your individual cargo flight.

Among other things, these types of equipment can be taken aboard:

  • Euro pool pallets / euro pallets
  • Cage pallets
  • Containers
  • Small load carriers
  • All common ULDs (Unit Load Container)
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