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Heavy cargo

Cargo aircraft charter for heavy or outsize goods


In the case of heavy cargo transport – i.e. shipping particularly heavy or oversized freight in a cargo aircraft – extensive expertise and careful transport planning are required. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of cargo handling, we can quickly and safely deliver your special freight to its destination.

For a wide range of industries, we can organise fast and safe heavy cargo transports of pumps, machines, heavy military cargo, valves, and other freight with unusual dimensions and weights, at any time. We are also available to private individuals 24 hours a day – no matter whether you want to transport a car or are moving and need to relocate your household.


Our colleagues in the cargo charter department are available at any time for a non-binding consultation and will select the right cargo aircraft for your heavy freight. Common aircraft models for transporting heavy cargo safely include the AN-12, AN-26, IL-76 and IL-96.


The Antonov AN-12 is one of the largest transport aircraft in the world and is ideally suited for cost-effective air transport of a wide variety of goods. Its combination of range and speed enables fast freight transport between international airports, even on transcontinental routes. When chartering this cargo aircraft, you will benefit from the raised tail section and a large rear ramp, which enables the rapid loading of heavy goods or vehicles. In addition, the AN-12 can easily be loaded with a forklift truck. Whether for heavy transport, automotive transport or the dispatch of goods on pallets and in containers, the AN-12 carries all air freight safely, quickly and economically.


The Antonov AN-26 is one of the largest transport aircraft in the world and is suitable for even the largest cargo. Thanks to its high speed and extremely long range, it can complete transcontinental freight flights quickly and economically. When chartering an AN-26 cargo aircraft, you will benefit from its built-in loading ramp and large rear loading hatch, which enables fast loading of goods with forklift trucks.


The IL-76T and TD are among the world's largest transport aircraft, each powered by four jet engines. Both models are impressive due to their high speeds and extremely long ranges. This means that they can transport extremely large items, and freight for which standard packaging is not possible, on transcontinental routes quickly and economically. Since this cargo airliner was originally designed to transport tanks and artillery, it is particularly suitable for transporting heavy loads such as large vehicles, manufacturing machinery, etc. It can also be loaded with a forklift and can fly in and out of international airports quickly and reliably. Chartering an IL76T or TD is a safe, flexible and economical solution for your cargo flight.


The IL-96T is a heavy transport aircraft that can achieve impressive speeds and extremely long ranges, thanks to its four jet engines. For this reason, the IL-96T is ideally suited for transporting very large, heavy cargo, even on long haul routes. Its huge cargo volume of 776m³, its main loading hatch of almost five meters wide, and two smaller cargo hatches on the lower deck, make handling at international airports easy. These features allow particularly efficient and fast loading of containers and pallets, but also of bulky items, or freight that is not packaged in a standard way. The aircraft can easily be loaded using a forklift.


If you have any questions about the process and organisation of your cargo charter, you are welcome to browse our list of FAQs, which provides lots of useful additional information.

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