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The effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) are now being felt all over the world, even in the logistics industry. As more and more scheduled flights to China are cancelled, fewer goods can be transported on the scheduled air routes as additional cargo. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for maritime shipping to meet demand: in fact, many ships are currently due to be refitted in the Chinese shipyards in order to meet new environmental regulations. But because this work is only progressing slowly, due to the coronavirus, significant amounts of capacity are being lost.


Air freight from and to China: charter a cargo plane

It is not yet possible to predict when the situation will return to normal. On the other hand, it is clear that many international companies cannot wait to find out. Supply problems due to freight transport with China could quickly lead to worldwide bottlenecks, meaning that production lines could come to a halt, and delivery deadlines would be missed. Companies would therefore be well-advised to transport important goods to China, or out of China, by means of air freight charter. This form of transport is still able to operate without problems, despite the restrictions caused by the coronavirus.

Reliable cargo flight tailored to your requirements

When organising your cargo flight, we will focus entirely on your requirements: we usually transport heavy and bulky loads by cargo plane. Smaller and more manageable goods are often best transported in fast private jets. Upon request, an on-board courier can accompany the cargo transport and we are also happy to organise the pre- and post-flight transport by truck or helicopter. Of course, we are also well-versed in transporting dangerous goods in accordance with the DGR and will organise a safe cargo flight for you that complies with all the relevant regulations.

How to book your air cargo flight from or to China

Our experienced team has excellent international connections and is available to assist you 24 hours a day. Their aim is to relieve you of as much effort and worry as possible when organising your air freight transport. Just follow these three simple steps to charter a cargo plane with us:

1.       Contact us for your consultation

No matter whether you need an urgent air freight transport or a cargo flight organised further in advance: for us, every air cargo mission begins with an individual consultation. This enables us to discuss the details of the freight transport with you and answer your questions. At this stage, we can often give you an indicative cost estimate for your enquiry. After the consultation, we can provide you with an exact calculation of the costs upon request.

2.        Commissioning and organisation

If you commission us to organise your air freight flight, we will begin planning immediately. We will arrange a suitable cargo aircraft for the transport and will take care of the required landing and overflight permits. If desired, we can organise the initial ground transport from or to the airport and can coordinate all the handover times. You can also count on our support and expertise in filling out the required forms and documents.

3.       Execution and monitoring

Flugzeug mit Fracht

Our operations centre monitors the entire flight mission and ensures that everything goes to plan. Naturally, we will keep you updated on the status of the flight, so that you always know where your cargo is located. With us, your cargo is in safe hands right up to the point of delivery.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions about the organisation and implementation of a cargo flight, we recommend that you have a look at our FAQ.

Contact us now

We are the reliable partner for your air freight transport from or to China. Our operations centre is available to assist you 24 hours a day, even at weekends and on public holidays. Contact us: