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Deutsche-Privatjet’s resounding response is Yes! The coronavirus pandemic has restricted normal activities in many countries, and in some cases everyday life has ground to a halt. Trouble-free international travel is no longer possible: many scheduled flights have been cancelled and some countries have imposed entry bans on people travelling from particularly badly affected countries.

But even in this situation, Deutsche-Privatjet will find a solution and bring you swiftly and safely to your destination – whether you want to return home from the country you are staying in and the few scheduled flights are completely overbooked, or you have an urgent business trip planned that cannot be delayed.

Entspannter Mann im Privatjet

Of course, we are complying with the regulations of the individual countries and therefore cannot currently offer every flight route. But we are happy to explore the options for every request and work out an individual solution for you. If a direct flight is not possible from the country you are staying in to your desired destination, a flight to an airport near the border of a neighbouring country could be an option for you. Alternatively, we can organise your flight in two stages: first, you would fly to a country that permits entry and has not been ‘blacklisted’ by your destination country. We would then organise a separate onward flight to take you to your destination.


The current situation is further complicated by the fact that huge numbers of people from different nations pass through and congregate at airports. And in these busy public spaces, it is more likely that you could become infected with the virus just by entering or leaving the airport. But when you travel by private jet, you benefit from separate check-in at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). At the GAT, even at major airports, you avoid passengers boarding and disembarking scheduled aircraft and are therefore physically separated from people who could be infected.

Thanks to the flexibility of a private jet, you can also fly directly to numerous smaller airports. This means that the distance from the passengers’ location to the departure airport and from the destination airport to the passengers’ final destination is much shorter and thus, starting with the journey to the airport, contact with other people is minimised. In addition, flying in a private jet offers you the convenience of a direct flight, without having to change flights thereby avoiding additional contact with other travellers.


As the private jet will be carrying only you and any companions, we can arrange the flight according to the individual wishes of our passengers. Naturally, if a ground transfer is required, we can organise that too. This enables us to relieve you of as much effort and worry as possible and save you travelling by public transport.

You can also rely on us and your flight attendants when it comes to thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning our private jets. Before and after each flight, as well as during your flight, we ensure that all hygiene standards are maintained and thus no risk of infection can arise.


If you have any further questions about booking a private jet with us, please have a look at our FAQ. We have compiled lots of detailed information for you there.


If you would like a comprehensive free consultation or a non-binding quotation for your flight in a private jet, we are here for you 24 hours a day. If your request is urgent, please call us so that we can help you as quickly as possible. Contact us: