The European Football Championship 2020 will not just be a unique event from a sporting point of view: for the first time, the tournament will be hosted in not just one country, or two neighbouring countries; instead, a total of 12 host cities will be spread out across the entire continent from Bilbao to Baku.

Scene from a soccer match

While European cohesion will no doubt be promoted by this method of hosting the European Championship, fans, journalists and sponsors could face just as much of a logistical challenge as the teams themselves. The dates of the group matches have already been fixed, but some teams will have to travel backwards and forwards between Italy and Azerbaijan or Spain and Ireland. In the knockout stage, the city in which a team will play their next game will sometimes be known just four days ahead. However, the team can also lose and be eliminated, so that fans and players will simply have to go home.

The advantages of a private jet

In light of this situation, it is highly likely that the scheduled airlines will reach the limits of their capacity. Instead of struggling with rigid flight schedules and overbooked planes, Euro 2020 enthusiasts could opt for comfortable, flexible travel by private jet. The advantages are clear:

  • Private jets can be deployed at short notice, so that fans can reach their destination even if the venue for the game is only revealed shortly before the match or the trip is planned spontaneously.
  • Times and dates of travel can be tailored to the needs of the people travelling. This way, a short holiday in the city hosting the game, or departure directly after the game, can easily be arranged.
  • The flight schedule can also be adjusted spontaneously to suit you: you will not miss your return flight, even if, in the knockout stage, the match goes into extra time or there is a penalty shootout.
  • You can relax and enjoy all the amenities of a private flight, such as bespoke catering and increased comfort.

Fly to your Euro 2020 match with Deutsche-Privatjet

Private jet interior

We can organise your private flight to any of the Euro 2020 games quickly and reliably. Even short lead times are no problem for us, because our private jets are ready to deploy at short notice all over the world. We have an excellent international network and, thanks to our excellent contacts at the individual airports, we can organise one of the sought-after landing slots, even on the day of the match. If this turns out not to be possible, we would be happy to organise your journey to an alternative airport nearby and would also take care of your onward journey to the stadium. Our international team is available to advise you around the clock.

To avoid stressful journeys to the stadium by car or public transport, we can also organise a helicopter charter for you from the airport to the stadium. For this, we can count on the support of our sister company Deutsche-Helikopter.