Dublin Arena

Capacity: 51,700 seats

Opened in 2010

Address: Lansdowne Rd, Dublin 4, D04 K5F9, Ireland


  • 14.06.2021: Poland v Northern Ireland or Slovakia
  • 18.06.2021: Sweden v Northern Ireland or Slovakia
  • 23.06.2021: Sweden v Poland
  • 29.06.2021: Round of 16: 1, Group D v 2, Group F 

Euro 2020 at Dublin Arena

Since right back in 1872, Lansdowne Rd, Dublin, has been the home of major rugby and football matches on Irish soil. In 2010, the new Aviva Stadium replaced the outdated original venue, so now fans and players can enjoy this ultra-modern stadium to the full. One of the interesting aspects of the new building is that the stadium was built to be lower on the north side so that the adjacent residential buildings are not completely overshadowed by the arena. During Euro 2020, the venue will simply be called Dublin Arena, as the organisers do not wish sponsors' names to be part of the venue names.

Dublin shares the Group E qualifying round games with Bilbao. Poland, Sweden and a play-off team will compete in the Irish capital in the group stage. Another sporting highlight will be the Round of 16 match. The winner of Group D will meet the second-placed team from group F at Dublin Arena. The possible encounters include a re-run of the last World Cup Final between Croatia and France, or the Euro 2020 variation of that perennial favourite, England v Germany.

Attend Euro 2020 matches at Dublin Arena by private jet

Scheduled air traffic is handled through Dublin Airport to the north of the city. As with any major sporting event, huge numbers of international fans are expected to attend the Euro 2020 games in Dublin. As a result, scheduled flights are bound to be booked up, especially around the match days. Anyone planning a spontaneous trip to the Euro 2020 Championship is sure to have real problems getting a ticket for a scheduled flight.

Bombardier Learjet 60

In contrast, a private jet to Dublin is available at any time, regardless of whether the booking is made at the last minute or planned further ahead. This way, you can plan your trip flexibly and you are not dependent on the rigid flight schedules or the limited ticket quotas of the scheduled airlines. You are free to travel to a game at short notice, or plan a longer holiday on the Emerald Isle around a particular highlight: a Euro 2020 football game.

Small private jets are usually ideal for individuals or small groups. VIPs and large groups often feel more comfortable in larger machines. By the way, if you are keen to avoid traffic jams and crowds on your way from Dublin Airport to the stadium, we would be happy to combine your private flight to Dublin with a relaxed helicopter transfer to Dublin Arena. Our sister company Deutsche-Helikopter is always our trusted partner for these transfers.

With Deutsche-Privatjet you can always rely on our outstanding service and highly competent, experienced team when you charter a private jet from us. Thanks to our excellent contacts with the management team at Dublin airport, we can reserve one of the sought-after landing slots for you at short notice. If this is no longer possible due to the airport having reached its maximum capacity, we would be happy to plan an alternative flight destination for you, with swift onward transport to Dublin Arena. Regardless of which destination airport you fly to with us, on every Deutsche-Privatjet trip, all the comforts and amenities that a private plane can offer will be at your disposal – including bespoke catering, relaxed check-in away from the hectic flight terminals, and cabin arrangements according to your requirements.

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