The automotive industry in particular is often affected by supply bottlenecks: since stock-keeping is usually carried out according to the just-in-time principle, even small delays can cause an assembly line standstill. High costs and severe contractual penalties are the looming consequences, which can often be averted by an express transport of the required components.


Just recently we were able to protect an international automotive supplier from supply problems and prevent an assembly line standstill. Urgently needed parts had to be transported from a Belgian plant to a factory on the east coast of the USA for further processing – as quickly as possible. Although the enquiry did not reach us until late evening, thanks to our excellent international contacts we were able to promise the customer a delivery to the American plant around noon the following day.

Perfect organisation around the clock

Our operations centre is staffed day and night, meaning that we were able to start organising the flight immediately. We readied a Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft for the next day, as we knew this jet was able to make the intercontinental flight to the USA quickly and without a fuel stop. At the same time, we booked one of our couriers to accompany the express freight transport. This allowed us to expect faster processing through US customs.

In order to fly the express freight as close to the factory as possible, we decided to use a small regional airport nearby as the destination for our cargo transport. Customs clearance was not possible there, but we were planning a stopover in New York for customs checks. This way, we were still able to ensure faster delivery than if we had chosen an international airport with its own customs as the flight destination, and then transported the express freight by road.

The next morning, the plane and courier were ready on time to take off for the USA immediately after obtaining customs clearance. At midday (local time), the aircraft landed at Newark Liberty International Airport to go through the required import checks. A short time later, the cargo plane was already back in the air and on its way to the agreed destination. At the destination airport, a member of our customer's staff took charge of the express freight and brought it to the factory in person – just in time for further processing.

Through our commitment and our organisational skills we were able to bring the express transport mission to a successful conclusion and avert the looming assembly line standstill. Our customer was very satisfied and has saved our contact details. If in future urgent freight needs to be safely delivered again, he will undoubtedly come back to us.

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