Our private planes don’t just fly to popular tourist destinations – we will also be happy to provide you with a private jet for journeys to more unusual destinations. Recently, one of our planes flew to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. A German civil engineering company runs a major construction site there and wanted to fly in some specialists from Germany for the next stage of the project.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a scheduled flight was out of the question. A group charter in a private jet was the only way to transport the engineers to Bangladesh quickly and easily. That is why the firm commissioned Deutsche-Privatjet to undertake the flight mission.

From Leipzig to Dhaka via Tashkent

Due to the pandemic, many airports are no longer available for fuel stops, and even when an airport is available, a disproportionate amount of bureaucratic effort is involved. For this reason, we organised a long-range Cessna Citation 750 X private jet for this trip. Using this aircraft for the group charter to Dhaka meant that only a single refuelling stop was necessary – in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The superior seating and amenities on board this aircraft also made it the perfect choice for a long-haul flight in terms of passenger comfort. In addition to the passengers and their luggage, we were also able to accommodate some small building components that were needed on the construction site in Dhaka.

Naturally, we also organised all the necessary landing permits and overflight permits in advance, so that our seven passengers could relax and enjoy a smooth flight. So everything was ready and had been perfectly prepared when the Citation 750 X took off from Leipzig Halle Airport with our passengers and, of course, excellent catering on board. Our passengers enjoyed Boeuf Stroganoff, courgette lasagne and other culinary delights, while the private jet headed towards Tashkent South Airport. There, the Citation 750 X remained on the ground only as long as was necessary to refuel, and then flew directly to Dhaka.

After arriving at Shahjalal International Airport, our passengers made their way to the construction firm’s employee apartments. Before that, however, they took the time to thank our crew for the comfortable flight and the excellent service on board. Our clients were also very satisfied and contacted us soon afterwards with an enquiry for another flight.

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