A few days ago, the CEO of a globally operating US provider of e-commerce and supply chain solutions required a charter flight from Frankfurt to London via Gütersloh as part of his business trip across Europe. In order to carry out this charter flight as expeditiously as possible, the private aircraft charter experts at Deutsche-Privatjet worked out a sophisticated flight plan bypassing large hubs such as Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and London Heathrow.


Instead, we selected the airports Frankfurt-Egelsbach, Paderborn-Lippstadt and London City for this business jet charter flight. Less air traffic and a stronger focus on general aviation means departure and arrival times at these airports can be changed at short notice to avoid long waiting times for clients and private jet crews. London City Airport is also the closest airport to London’s city centre, making it particularly appealing for business travellers. The American CEO saved a huge amount of time by pursuing this option and arrived in London a few hours ahead of schedule, giving himself an evening’s worth of free time.

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