Business travellers often have to attend appointments in different locations on the same day. Specifically, the only way to reach a company’s international offices quickly is by plane. However, the rigid flight schedules of the scheduled airlines do not provide the flexibility that is often indispensable in today's business world. As a result, many managers opt for a private flight in a business jet instead.

Cessna Citation 525A CJ2

A German company recently arranged for three members of its Management Board to visit four plants in Poland and Italy. As the four locations were to be visited within only two days, scheduled flights were not an option. Instead, the company commissioned us to organise and carry out the trip.

Planning the trip

In order to implement the Management Board's travel plans as desired, we immediately began preparing for the trip. We determined the most suitable destination airport for each of the four plants and worked out alternatives in case of last-minute problems or delays. We worked closely with the board's personal assistant at all times to accommodate all the clients' requirements.

For the business flight to Poland and Italy we used a Cessna Citation 525A CJ2 private jet. It provided the three passengers with sufficient space to relax between appointments or to prepare for their next appointment. In addition, we planned a comprehensive catering service for all stages of the trip so that the three board members would always reach their next destination with a full stomach and well-refreshed.

Carrying out the flight mission

In the early morning of the first day of the business trip, our private jet was ready to fly our passengers to their first destination, the Szczecin-Goleniów ‘Solidarność’ Airport in Szczecin. After the board members had attended their first meeting, they went on to Parma Airport at noon. When they arrived, our passengers made their way to the second plant and, after their visit, stayed at a nearby hotel.

The next morning we flew our group to Pisa Airport, at midday we went on to Treviso/Sant'Angelo Airport and in the late afternoon our private jet took off for its flight back to Germany.

Thanks to our excellent preparation our passengers were able to keep to their tight schedule at every stage of the journey. We kept our passengers' assistant informed at all times about the take-offs, landings and current position of our private jet. Thus, even within our clients' company, trouble-free coordination was possible at all times.

Accordingly, we received very satisfied feedback after the conclusion of the two-day business trip. Our customers were grateful for our excellent service and our meticulous planning and said they would happily engage us again for future business trips.

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