In recent weeks, the Coronavirus has severely restricted international scheduled air traffic. As a result, many travellers, finding themselves stranded abroad, turned to us. They required repatriation to their home in Germany.

Wing to Wing

Recently, two interested parties contacted us who needed flights home from the USA for their loved ones. A family from Frankfurt wanted to book a flight for their son, who had to cut his holiday in Las Vegas short. A young man from Düsseldorf needed a flight home for his grandparents, who had spent the winter in Florida as they did every year, and were now looking for a way to get back home to Germany. To make the return journey as cost-effective as possible for everyone involved, we decided to fly the passengers across the Atlantic in the same private jet.

Wing-to-wing in Chicago

In order to organise the flight efficiently for both parties, we planned the flight in two stages: first, we deployed small private planes at both McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and Page field in Fort Myers, Florida, to make domestic flights to Chicago for each of the parties. O'Hare International Airport served as the meeting point for all the passengers. On the apron, they were able to transfer to a long-haul Bombardier Global Express aircraft. This form of direct transfer from aircraft to aircraft is referred to as wing-to-wing in the technical jargon and involves considerable organisational effort. But thanks to our many years of experience and excellent networks, we were able to make this flight possible and overcome all the organisational hurdles.

Of course, our passengers were able to enjoy the level of service available on board a private jet, both on their domestic flight and on the transatlantic flight to Germany. Comfortable seats, excellent catering and attentive staff ensured they had a relaxed and, of course, safe flight home.

After landing in Frankfurt, the passengers were delighted to be back on home soil. But our service was not yet complete. We had arranged limousines for all the passengers to take them home comfortably and safely – a fitting end to a successful journey.

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