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Repatriation from Mauritania

More and more countries are taking drastic containment measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus: Borders are being closed, strict border controls put in place, and entry bans issued. Many airlines are also reacting to the spread of COVID-19 and cancelling many flights. As a result, many travellers are stuck at their holiday destinations and see no possibility of returning to their home country.

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Private jet: A fast and safe way back home from Mauritania

In such situations a private jet is a good alternative for the return flight from Mauritania to your home country: Within a short time our experienced team of Deutsche-Privatjet can organize a private jet, even in times of the corona crisis, which will fly you back home from Mauritania as fast as possible. In contrast to conventional scheduled flights, private charter flights are tailored to your individual travel plan. Flight times and destinations can be flexibly adjusted if necessary and there is no need to worry about delays or flight cancellations: So you can look forward to a quick reunion with friends and family.

The repatriation service of Deutsche-Privatjet consists of numerous international departments which support you in organising your return home at any time of day or night.

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Low risk of infection

The risk of infection when returning by private jet is very low: crowds of people are avoided, as the travellers reach the private jet via a private terminal, the so-called General Aviation Terminal. The risk of infection is also reduced to a minimum during the flight: Only passengers known to you and the crew are on board the private jet.

Safety during a flight in a private jet

The private aircraft we use are subject to strict and regular inspections by the relevant authorities and institutions. All air carriers are legally obliged to do so. Continuous unscheduled checks also guarantee the highest safety standards. We ensure that we work exclusively with experienced airlines that comply with all the requirements and guidelines of the air traffic control authorities.

How quickly can a private flight from Mauritania be realized ?

If you need a private jet to leave Mauritania quickly, we can provide a private jet within a very short time so that you can fly back home immediately - often a private jet is provided on the same day.

Costs of a repatriation from Mauritania

Distance is only one factor that influences the cost of a retrieval. Furthermore, the urgency of the request also plays an important role. Therefore we calculate the costs for a return from Mauritania for each case individually. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your return journey free of charge.

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