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Bombardier Global 6000

General data

  • Crew 4
  • Passengers 14
  • Cruise Speed 907 km/h
  • Baggage 14
  • Hand baggage 14
  • Lavatory Yes


  • Width 2,41 m
  • Height 1,88 m
  • Length 13,18 m


From London to Hong Kong or from Los Angeles to São Paulo: thanks to the range of the Bombardier Global 6000, many intercontinental long-haul flights can be made without stopovers. In comparison to its 'little sister', the Global 5000, another tank has been installed in the space between the wing and the fuselage. With a top speed of Mach 0.89, the Global 6000 flies at almost the speed of sound. The combination of speed, range and reliability makes the Bombardier Global 6000 a highly sought-after long-distance jet for up to 14 passengers.


  • Luxurious interior
  • Flexible seating configurations with leather seats and couch
  • Bright interior due to large number of windows
  • A smooth ride and advanced soundproofing contribute to a quiet and peaceful flight
  • Luggage compartment accessible during the flight


The manufacturer, Bombardier, used first-class hotels as the inspiration for the interior design. Therefore, the exceptionally comfortable in-flight experience leaves nothing to be desired.  The wing design allows for a smooth flight, even in difficult weather conditions, while the excellent sound insulation ensures that the engine noise hardly penetrates into the cabin. All of these characteristics make the Bombardier Global 6000 a long-distance private jet that meets even the most demanding requirements.

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